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Negative Self-Talk & How We Counter It With God’s Help

March 2, 2013


   Negative Self-Talk & How We Counter It With God‘s Help

Where are we headed? We’re trying to head to a place where our lives are all new and there is no old because that represents spirituality with no reference to the past. We no longer reference our past trauma, our past injuries, and the reason we don’t reference them anymore is because we’ve moved past them. We’ve dealt with our histories, we’ve looked at those things that happened with our fathers and our mothers and our significant relationships, and how they‘ve affected us; and what effect they’ve had on us, and, what affect they can have today. They can potentially spar up, so we don’t have to live in that anxiety anymore because we’re able to be aware of it right away, and that means we’re on the right path.

We have awareness of when we go back, that means we have choice, and we’ve dealt with our past, it’s time to move on. If something comes up, yes, we look at our past because we’re continuously making a searching and fearless moral inventory; but, there has to come a point in spirituality where we’ve really, truly departed from that midway point of past, future, past, future , past, present, past, present; and we’re actually more in the present than we are ever in the past. As we move down this path, we realize we have no reference for anything going on in our lives to something from the past, so, we’ve entered that new realm in the fourth dimension. We’re in that realm that we, ‘designed to be in.’

We don’t know what to do, but we can learn, we can find out because we have a way of life that guides us in the day that we’re in; but, the things in our life don’t have any past reference, so they become the new. Now, my past will not be my future because I’ve learned to live enough of my life, where the present is new, and there is no reference to the old; and I have truly become in a spiritual way of life and begin to walk that path. It’s freedom of just dealing with emotions of when things come up, and I’ve crossed that line. Now I’m starting to deal with things for what they are, and have to consider all facets of life. I’m at the midway point in life, I don’t want financial prestige anymore, I want financial security.

So, these things that come up because I’m older, “oh my god, maybe I’m not as good anymore.” They’re all lies, I’m better than I’ve ever been. I know more than I’ve ever known. You are more of an asset to that company now than you ever were when you first got there because of the experience you have. So, how is it that the more experience we get we start to enter these stages where we wonder if we’re going to get paid for what we’re doing? Not only should you get paid for what you’re doing, you should be getting paid more because of the value you bring, and the experience you have cannot be replaced with money. So, each year you’re in that company or whatever business that you’re in, you are better at your business than you have ever been. I have to own that, and I have to know that I should progress; it’s always about progression. It’s a great point to enter into my life where my past happened then. I’m going through my life today and I’ll think, “oh god, I remember when something like this happened,” but I’m going through something in my life today that’s unusual; it may even be a concern, maybe even a problem, but it has no reference to yesterday’s. I have arrived.

Now I’m in a world where I can choose to live today for today, for what comes in my life today, and with nothing else attached but what’s there. That’s being able to be in the now and be present in the spiritual way of life.

Have fun,

Much love,


Durable Qualities

February 24, 2013

Fire Woman.

This week we’re going to have a few applications to work on:

Durable Qualities

Durable – means lasting, permanent

1. If im not feeling well I can make a list of all the durable qualities that are in my life today.

2. I can also embrace my durable qualities as a way of life feeling good, just because it’s waiting there to be done, not waiting until I feel bad every day looking at my durable qualities.

What Am I Going To Do Today To Embrace A Good Life?

3. Every morning, what am I going to put energy into today to embrace my life, as it is today, to be happy and live the good life today? Gives me a list of things of what I can do and what I like to do. I can look at my schedule and see that I have time to do one of the things that I like to do, so that’s what I’m going to do to make sure I’m putting energy into today to live the good life as it is today because if it isn’t good today, how is it going to be good tomorrow? Especially if you’re bummed out, you can sit there and think about what can I put my energy into today to be happy and live the good life today?

Have fun,

Much love,


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Invite the power into your consciousness

October 25, 2015


Invite the Power into your consciousness

The minute I don’t feel good, I’ve taken it back;negative thoughts mean I’m not with my Higher Power.

Calm, thoughtful reflection upon personal relations can deepen our insight. There should be no reminiscing with the past until Step 4.

Open your mind and invite the Power into your consciousness. Ask your Power to show you the warped thinking, and help you listen as the dying can be; and be here right now!

Raising the bottom

September 27, 2015

Why all this insistence that every A.A. must hit bottom first?  The answer is that few people will sincerely try to practice the A.A. program unless they have hit bottom.  For practicing A.A.’s remaining eleven Steps means the adoption of attitudes and actions that almost no alcoholic who is still drinking can dream of taking.  Who wishes to be rigorously honest and tolerant? Who wants to confess his faults to another and make restitution for harm done?  Who cares anything about a Higher Power, let alone meditation and prayer?  Who wants to sacrifice time and energy in trying to carry A.A.’s message to the next sufferer?  No, the average alcoholic, self-centered in the extreme, doesn’t care for this prospect – unless he has to do these things in order to stay alive himself.  “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions,” pg 24

Application for the week:

If you raise your bottom, what is your new bottom?newplaymate1_preview

God’s Will Is Our Will

September 13, 2015

Humility is that God’s will and our will are one. We’re going to practice that this week as an application, as an affirmative application. We want to know that everything we have, everything we want, anything that comes to us in the form of a job, or a girlfriend , or a boyfriend, or something in society; all those desires come from God, it’s part of who we are that make us unique. But God gave us those desires, so they’re God’s desires.

New Location for Thought-life Connection

July 19, 2015



Thought-Life Connection is moving to Spirit of Studio 12 on July 29, 2015

The Spirit of Studio 12 is located at
6006 Laurel Canyon Blvd. in N. Hollywood
at the North East corner of
Laurel Canyon and Oxnard in North Hollywood



Being happy

June 19, 2015


If I can’t be happy here in my life as it is right now then how can I be happy there where I think I should be? Why do I keep waiting to be happy? It’s not about perfection, I don’t expect perfection; but how much energy do I dig into my life right now to be happy with my life right now? If you’re not doing good, right now is the time to do it. Now is the moment where you sit down, and say, “OK, let me do it right now, let me figure out how to put emotional energy into connecting to what I have appreciation for in my life today.” That’s when I go through the list of people that I love, and through the things that are there in my life. They’re always there to touch and connect to. Let me take that emotional connection that you have in your life away, just use your imagination if I emotionally take it away; now, what do you do to fight for it. What if I took your loved one away, what would you do to fight for that energy back? Imagine what you would feel like? Well, connect with that energy right now. What if I took your home away from you as it is right now, imagine that energy; now how much do you appreciate having a place you can lay your head down, and where you can cook your food, and hang out with your family. If I just took that away, would you fight me for it? Of course you would, but we go into places where the place I have isn’t good enough, the women I have isn’t good enough; we don’t realize how much we appreciate it until it’s gone.

You don’t need to take it away to appreciate it. If we’re not doing good right now, feed on what’s good, don’t stop until you feel good. Your only mission is to find what’s good in your life right now, any thought outside of that, kick it out for a little while and stay there; that’s the application because if I’m not happy here, then I’m never going to be happy there. That’s the theme of my life, if I can’t be happy here exactly where I am in life, then I can’t be happy there where I think I’m supposed to be in life. Those two can’t exist. So, my goal is to be happy right here because if I’m happy right here, then you know I’m going to be happy when I get there, wherever there is. I don’t need to worry any more that’s my soul drive in some moments is to focus on the goodness and purity of my life with emotions. Now I’ve got to find it and connect to it, why do I love my life right now, why do I love my life. If I imagine it all gone, then I get it back, I’m now in a state of gratitude, thankfulness for my life as it is right now. God, I love that person, I would never want to lose them, those kind of thoughts remind me that I am a rich man. I’m a wealthy man when I emotionally connect to those things in my life, and if I don’t feel good, then do it now, plunge into your emotions of your life; and into your memories of what is in your life right now, and connect to it. Connect to your life and emotions with a passion, and feel good because it’s there. Don’t wait another moment, and keep going on that energy. Finding the goodness in your life as it is right now. My goal is to be happy here because if I’m happy here, then I know I’m going to be happy there!

What it means to be reborn

March 22, 2015

What does it mean to be reborn? We all talk about being reborn, so what does it mean in dying that we are reborn? Then the day comes, we’re working in recovery and we realize I don’t even know what I’m passionate about anymore. I realize my passion is what led me here, this is what I thought I was passionate about, this is what I did; but when I look at the fact that I’m not doing that anymore. Thus comes the question, should I pick it up again, or was that really my passion, or was it something else? Then the feeling comes in that it doesn’t really matter anymore because I can relate this to that moment of thinking all the faulty foundation has been torn out. I don’t have any idea of what I think is going to make me happy today, so now to God I can trust; and say to my Creator I give myself to you to build with me and do with me what thou wilt, take away my difficulties that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help with Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy Way of life. That’s a reborn prayer, so reborn means it’s painful to die, it’s painful to let go and look in the mirror and say; “Man you don’t even know what makes you happy anymore, look at you.” All this stuff you hung onto, all these attitudes, all these emotional deformities, all these twists and turns, and all these ugly characteristics. One day through the program of recovery, if you can shut your head off for a little bit, tried to come to believe in a Power Greater than Yourself, and now are trying to make a decision to turn your will and your life over to the power of your Creator; but that doesn’t mean that the other steps haven’t been there, you’ve done inventories and admitted to God, because if you touch one, you touch them all.
To really know where you are in the building process, I feel I have no idea where my passion lies, and I thought I did. At that moment, I can say I’ve arrived. It’s in dying, right now, that I can be reborn, I’ve got a clean slate, that’s what you’re saying. I may want to do my old passion, for example chimpanzees, but maybe I’m open, and that saddens, and hurts, thinking you’ve lost your passion. Because of the program of recovery, it becomes clear that you’re at that point of being reborn now. This truly is what it means in all Christianity, Buddhism, all philosophies of being baptized, or eating the bread, or whatever the Muslims do to show that in dying I’m reborn. The body of Christ, I’m baptized, therefore I’m cleansed of all my sins, whatever that means; screwing up a life, such as being an addict or an alcoholic, or maybe you’re just a miserable person. Now, you’ve taken on a way of life, which we call the Twelve Steps, in terms of what guidance you’re in. Now, you have something in your hands that can tell you how to live, there is promise, life isn’t a dead end. It is not meant to be mastered or endured and to truly know what that means because you’ve applied some spiritual principles.
You’ve discovered that your inner life is unmanageable, by you. What it really means to come to believe in a Power greater than yourself, to God, or Buddha, or Allah, whatever it is; what it truly means to have that philosophy or religion, which you’ve stated by coming to believe in a Power greater than yourself. Then the description of when you’re not in belief. That, to me is a beautiful process of coming to believe. There’s a measuring system, which is what these steps allow. It allows us to measure the perfect ideals, all philosophies or religions are perfect ideals, which measures the philosophies, by saying what it looks like when you’re in hell and what it looks like when you’re in heaven, now you have to decide which one do you want to live in; it even tells you the way to go The twelve steps are a measuring stick and helps you to decide how well you live by them, how much you apply those principles in the day you are in. To be reborn with all these tools now, and I realize “Yeah, I am going somewhere, I’m not a deadbeat; and I have all the tools I need to discover, create, search, and research again and again will give you the ability to do whatever you want in life. You can do anything you want in life as long as you search and research, you’ll always find your answer and you’ll always move forward by that one principle, science has proven it. So, be grateful that I can describe to you, and you can describe to God and be reborn. You know what you want to do, you’re not dead, you just have a clean slate now, now rejoice in the fact that you can recognize, instead of being sad because I don’t think I have any passions, instead of that think I am literally reborn

The way to feel God

March 15, 2015

When you feel good, you’re communicating with the voice of God, and that’s the key  When your’e feeling bad and it hurts, you are not connected to the voice of God.  You don’t get lined up with God by thinking that someone has better recovery than you, that somebody is in a better position than you, that person is happier than me; that’s the voice of envy.  The pride voice triggers all the other defects and starts to entertain them all.  The voice of that dark side that beats us up, saying you’re not good enough, is the same voice that says you need an escape right now, go do something wrong; you can spend that money, you need a break today. Go spend your money for rent today, don’t worry you’ll make it up later, don’t worry, you deserve it. That’s the voice of want. That’s why it tells us freedom from fear is more important than freedom from want. That’s a great riddle because where I can truly discover the voice of pride by looking at what I want and what I fear. What I want is a new car, but if I go to the dealership, get payments for a car that I can’t afford; I got what I want, but I forgot that freedom from fear is more important than freedom from want. Now that I got what I want, all the fear of losing what I want and not being able to keep it, those fear feelings kick in. So, what that means is that I stop wanting things that will produce a fear. See, I think that I want to be free from wanting things because my mind is never satisfied. Part of us thinks that if we can be free from want, we’ll be okay. I remember the day I discovered that, just applying that principle. I want to be free from want, God, please show me how to do that. I realized that I walked around all day, thinking, I want this and I want that, but what it makes me realize when I spend all day fantasizing, but it makes me feel that I don’t have. Even though, I want things that are going to be fun and exciting, but the other side of wanting, is that I look and I don’t have that. When I feel that I don’t have the things that I want, I feel that my life is not okay until I have those things. When I get a house, things are going to be okay. When I get those jet skis, things will be okay. That’s called postponed fulfillment.

That’s the same voice that they’re talking about, and what I need to realize is that freedom from fear is more important than freedom from want. If I treat my fear, then I don’t live in the want all the time. I live in appreciation for what I’ve got. That’s where discipline comes in. I can say, I can adjust my financial situation because I’ve learned how to do that. Serenely, to self-discipline myself not to spend so much money because now I’m getting free from fear. When I’m free of fear, it’s freeing me from want because I like when I don’t have to worry about money. So, this is what we learned, I’m going to treat the fears, and that’s going to satiate the wants, and I’m going to achieve those things I want because I’m not going to live in fear anymore. So, when I get things, I know they will be good for my life because I don’t get things anymore that produce fear. I don’t enter into relationships anymore where I wonder if they’re going to cheat, which produces fear because I recognize how important it is to be free from fear. It sets up my value system. I’ve learned which things make me fearful, and as I become aware of those things, I won’t enter into them anymore because I want to live free of fear. Now, I’m entirely ready to have all these defects of character removed because I’ve learned that I can be free from fear. I’m learning what I do that creates fear inside of me. If I go act on lust and cheat on my relationship, it produces a fear that I’m going to get caught. So, what I want to do is realize I want to be free from fear. I don’t want to live in lust anyway, that’s not the character I want to be, but that’s not good enough, just to not want to be in lust; but to be free from fear when I recognize how much fear eats me up? That has power, doesn’t it? I can use that now to keep me from going the wrong way. So, freedom from fear becomes more important than freedom from want. I don’t live in want anymore. I live in a world where I recognize those things that I fear, and I free myself by not entering into them anymore. That’s how I treat that pride defect, build that new character, and I realize that I am entirely ready to be the man that God says I should be. If anything comes up and I act in any behavior that takes me away from that man, I’m entirely ready to have it removed and recognize it right now because I’ll feel the fear, won’t I?

As I develop an awareness of things that make me fearful, and I don’t enter into those anymore, when I become aware of fear, I know something is wrong, and I’m going the wrong way. So that’s why freedom from fear becomes more important than freedom from want. I address those things as the new character who separates the adults from the children in Step 6, being entirely ready to have this removed. I won’t live in a relationship where I feel uncomfortable anymore, I’d rather go on to take over my own individual place, and deal with the unknown; knowing that it will be far better than this is, because I won’t live in fear anymore. We’re all learning the things that make us afraid and we don’t go there anymore. That builds out life because we don’t live in fear ever again.