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Welcome to the new TLC Website!

August 30, 2009

screen-capture-6Welcome to Thought-Life Connection (TLC)’s new Blog. This site is the new point of distribution for everything TLC. Expect lots’s of new things; audio highlights from meetings that can be pod-casted directly to your computer or iPod, Youtube video segments of meetings and direct downloads of CD’s from the meetings thru an on-line store such as iTunes.

I am particularly excited about the Live Webinar. We are broadcasting live from Malibu on Sundays at 12:30p. You can tune in right here, it is very user friendly. Just type your name and hit enter – your in. You can participate and ask questions or just listen, it’s up to you but I encourage you to try it and share with me your experience.

We are really trying hard to utilize new technologies and methods to bring this message to you including moving the Webinar to a Live radio show that will air on Ustream, you will be able to call in or text and ask KC questions and watch the meeting from almost anywhere in the world.

What we are doing is contextualizing the 12 steps for everyone alcoholics or not… This is a truly enterprising endeavor that I believe will have a by the grace of God a prolific effect on the world by giving anyone and everyone a translation of the 12 steps that can be understood by anyone and everyone…

This we are attempting to do by removing the stigma that is attached to the 12 steps by being directly related to drug addict and alcoholics..

People who are on the outside looking in at drug addicts and alcoholics seem to be concerned that if they accredited the 12 steps as being a philosophy worth knowing that they themselves would have to admit they have a problem… Or that if they did not have that kind of a problem how could the 12 steps work for them and where would they be able to learn about them without having to sit in room with a bunch of people who have a problem they can’t relate to…

Thus what the purpose of the TLC workshop is trying to fulfill… So this workshop is close to my heart and needs your support. I do not underestimate nor should you underestimate how important this TLC workshop is in terms of the benefits that all who attend are showing the way for a better world by transforming and transmitting what we are learning about:  how the 12 steps can and do enable anyone to become happily and usefully whole right now in the day we are in…. Alcoholic or Not….

From my heart to you.


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© 2009 TLC

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  1. Abigail permalink
    September 2, 2009 6:05 pm

    I like the new website. It is user friendly, simple, and nice to look at. :) ~I attend meetings on Wed. and Sun. KC explains how to apply 12 step principles to the moment. In doing so, my thought life is balanced, productive, and possitive with an ever expanding thought life connection to God.

    Greatfully transcending ,


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