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Daily Application January 8, 2010

January 7, 2010

January 8, 2010

Put love into whatever it is you are doing…

Put love into whatever you do and then what you love to do will find you. This does not mean that you will love every moment of everything that you do. The soul desire is to learn to put love into whatever it is that you are doing… Your Creator will only ask 100% of what you have in the moment you’re in… what this means is that you are just trying to put love into whatever you do… it is not to be measured but to be applied.

As you go through your day if you find yourself resisting a task or assignment redirect your energy to give 100% of what you have in the moment you’re in…An example of this is that sometimes in our personal lives a significant relationship may ask us to attend or to do something that may not be of our highest desire. It is in these moments where this application does its best work… because when we say yes to someone we care about then we should always want to do it with love … for we have learned that we never do anything in compliance… when you do things in compliance you’re living a life without passion.

If it’s a job that we’re doing and we’re not excited about doing we must apply this principle daily…. which is to TRY to put love into all that we do. This application really helps with fatigue… if you find yourself tired it is because you are not using your energy properly. When we do things with love it increases our energy level. When we do things with distaste it lowers our energy level. Love produces more energy.

Stop living in distaste… what is a life if it has no flavor. You with your Creator are the master chef so make sure you cook with love…

Much love,


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