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Daily Application January 19, 2010

January 18, 2010

January 19, 2010

The awareness of the two voices that resonate within all of us…

The voice of optimism and the voice of pessimism… How they operate and what they sound like…

We have a tendency to run from pain and from problems, like most people, because we don’t understand how to deal with them. So when that voice of pessimism starts to come on, that voice of oppression that tells us things are not going to go right or things are going to fall apart, or something bad is going to happen or it’s never going to be right again… that kind of voice that puts us in that hole and makes us feel as though life has gotten so small… That voice, we have to learn to recognize it… We have to learn to identify it and not run from it… To become aware of it…

To recognize that there are two voices within us…

There is the voice of harmony, the voice of optimism, the quiet voice. When we get in a good mood, we are resonating with that voice… We’re in a jovial place, we talk with people, we’re nice and we share and we’re laughing… We can’t wait to do things and we’re making lots of plans, we seem to have a lot of energy…

And all of a sudden we realize that something happened and we have less energy… We don’t realize that it is that voice: the voice of oppression, the voice of fear, the voice of pessimism has come back into play and we don’t hear it, we feel it… That’s the thing, so much of the voice is attached to feelings and that’s the part that gets us, sometimes before we hear the voice. But we must learn that it is that voice that has created these feelings and to not run from it… To be aware of it… It is in the awareness that we have choice: to choose the voice of harmony or the voice of oppression.

You know, it comes into life… We look at two different types of characters: the character that is the power driver and character that is more passive, a quieter type. These are the two types of characteristics that we’re trying to find and discover which one we are… Whether we’re the power driver or the temperamental, softer type, more of a quieter demeanor, the character that is not looking for conflict. And then you have the characters that is looking for conflict… Deciding which one we are so that we can start to treat that characteristic.

It’s the same thing as with that voice that is inside of us. We have a very strong voice that tells us things are going to go wrong, but we equally are building another strong voice that tells us it’s going to be okay and we also have a new Power in our life. It is a voice that is harmonizing with a new voice, the voice of our Creator, which is an inner voice that we are asking to come into our lives, that we now pay attention to… This helps us distinguish between the two voices so that we can choose to stay with the voice of harmony. It is a discipline… The voice of oppression, the voice of pessimism, it’s built from the life that we lived… We didn’t understand quite how to disengage from that voice… Maybe we suffered some tough times in life and we went through some really hard experiences, and those experiences make that oppression voice really loud. When we have traumatic experiences, we don’t want to have them again, so we become fragile and we become scared of them repeating themselves…

So, that voice of oppression gets really loud that this feeling is going to happen again… We must disengage from it. Instead of running from it, we must run to it. We must become of what it sounds like, when is it most likely to present itself. And then at that point, we can choose to align ourselves with the voice of harmony and what that sounds like, what that feels like, and what kind of kind of thoughts go in line with harmony.

So distinguishing between the voice of harmony and the voice of oppression is the application, and not running from it but running towards that voice of oppression… Because we don’t have to engage with it… If you can see it then you have the choice to observe it without taking it personal, without letting it grab all those feelings and locking you up in any given moment. This is the practice… It’s fun and you realize the voice of oppression is not as powerful as you think it is… With your Creator you have choice… Now you can sit and watch it try and present itself within you without having to act in it… Without having to engage with it, while recognizing that it is there… You don’t have to let it have power over you, because you’ve learned harmony and you’ve learned what harmonious thoughts are and what good feeling thoughts are…

So have fun with the good feelings and become aware of the oppressive voice so that you can recognize when it is there and disengage from it.

Much love,


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  1. Shirlee permalink
    January 23, 2010 3:22 pm

    One voice said ” Do not even think of volunteering to speak. You could dominate the entire discussion, alienating yourself. You’ll be exposed as a hypocrite. You, who claim to be a listener. On the other hand, you’re more likely just to freeze and look foolish. Don’t even think of speaking up.”

    Another voice: “Trust in your Creator. Surrender the fear, which is fantasy. Keep asking to stay connected to Spirit. Let Great Spirit be your guide, even if you can’t imagine what that means for you. You see it in others. Give Faith a shot – what have you got to lose?.”

    It worked!

    Now, to keep paying attention to the Voice of Light, a moment by moment choice.

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