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Daily Application January 23, 2010

January 22, 2010

The Three Parts of God…

Part One:  Omnipresence…

Connecting to a Power greater than our self is one of the most dynamic principle applications that each individual gets to create in their own way… Think about what is being offered with these spiritual principles in coming to believe in a Power Greater than yourself: each individual who embraces these principles to manifest a positive psychic change is being given the opportunity to create their own image of the ultimate loving God that they will be in a partnership with. The ultimate loving God that does not know hate, judgment, condemnation, testing, punishment, sickness, or any ailment, but only knows the unconditional energy of love, intelligence and power.

These shaping tools that are being given to you are laid out in a simple, specific order to create your own ultimate concept of God for your life, that is not jaded by your preconceived ideas, or other ideas that have been supplanted in you by others, of what God is or is not. It is so important to start with a clean slate that represents an unconditional loving Power greater than any human power.

When I began this journey, even though I didn’t have to use the term “god” I knew that ultimately when I was ready that it would be God, understood by me and no one else. This does not mean that I cannot align myself with someone else’s conception of God, if it feels right to me. I personally started with another man’s conception of God… He was so absolutely clear about how his God represented nothing but love, intelligence and power. In modern consciousness, the punishing God of hellfire and damnation certainly has been dismantled in a substantial way. But, I still believe that there is a lot of residue that is translated in terms like “I’m being tested,” or “God’s got a great sense of humor and is playing with me.” Like in the cosmic scheme of things, an all loving, intelligent power would stop everything to test you.

So, please, always maintain a clean, open mind as you apply these principles, which are the brush strokes for creating your own ultimate masterpiece of your image of God.

In order to create a relationship with this Power, or connect to it, we need to use the three principles that represent a Power-Greater-Than- Any-Human-Power which are: an Omnipresent Power, an Omniscient Power, and an Omnipotent Power. It is very important to use this order form to create arelationship to a Power greater than our self…

I start with the omnipresence… I connect the omnipresence of this Power to the things that make me feel good inside… Whenever you look at a beautiful sunset, is the beauty in the sunset or is it in you? Even if you think the beauty is in the sunset, point to where you think it is, and you will realize, of course it is in you. Think of a person that you love that you hold dear feelings for. Think of them right now… What is it that you love about them? See their body in your mind… Point to the part of their body that represents the person that you know and love… You can’t. In other words, what you like about the people you love, that compel you more than others, is inside of you, not them… They are just a reflection of what is inside you… They are a mirror that you use to reflect the light of love in us… Just like beauty and nature are a reflection of love, intelligence and power inside each and every one of us. Now you must seek more reflections and mirrors everywhere you go, not just in beautiful sunsets and the people you love. This the ultimate goal. And therefore, it must be the ultimate goal for every human being, if you think about it. To find as many mirrors and reflections that you can in the moment you’re in.

Remember, as it is laid out, it doesn’t mean that you have to be in the forest to appreciate nature… You can envision the forest in your mind any time you want. The mirror and reflection remain the same. The forest and the ocean are both inside of you… All you have to do is recall them any time you want. The love you feel for your friends and family is inside you… Every time you recall the reflection of that love you add more power to the love you share. Not only do you add more power to the love you share, you vibrate at a higher frequency and everyone who comes across your path is lifted by your love or if you will, by your practicing the omnipresence.

Think about the passions in your life… What are your passions? If it’s a passion it’s something done with love… Love is that which indicates omnipresence…. Anywhere there is love you are touching omnipresence. Anytime you work with love you are co-creating with presence, intelligence and power. Everything done with love is done masterfully.

Much love,


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