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Daily Application January 25, 2010

January 24, 2010

The Three Parts of God…

January 25, 2010

Part Two:  Omniscience…

(Part One:  Omnipresence  – We started with omnipresence… connecting the omnipresence of a Power greater than any human power to the things that make us feel good inside…)
I’m recognizing that I’m trying to get this presence into my mind because I’ve become aware through this awareness process of the fact that my mind is where all my troubles lie… That I live in memory… That I live in hard-wired trauma… I live in memories that I don’t want to relive but I can’t seem to get away from them… I didn’t process them correctly… I’ve had deep and effective violent emotional twists that have altered my destiny and changed who I was to be, forever!  Very, very intense moments… These moments, hurt me, they created the character that I was going to be. I didn’t know that in life this is what we are doing all the time, everyday: For better or worse we are building a character, if we don’t have instructions then the character is a byproduct of our experience and the way we look at life. You can only think about what you know and you can only know what you think about. When I learned how to be self-honest to self, I found that my thoughts were not good for anybody including me. This was my best not my worst. I needed something more then me to change for the better…
So, I’m building a new character now! Because, the old character I built did not give me the life that I was looking for, I had to become self-bankrupt. In the building of this new character I’m coming to believe in a Power greater than any human power…  I use the three principles of Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent to measure everything against.  In other words, when I go into any situation in my life, like work! I’m looking at my place of business, where I’m working I’m trying to connect to this Power greater than any human power’s presence at work… Sometimes it’s with co-workers that I really appreciate… Could be I’ve got a good boss, or there’s just a very nice homey feel at work and I love that homey feel… I learn to appreciate these kinds of feelings and these connections. I’m looking around my life to see what parts of my life I do connect to and I feel really good about, I want to connect all that is good to this presence, the omnipresence of a Power greater than any human power. When I do, I feel sanity, which is defined as soundness of mind. This soundness starts to enter every area of my life, as I ask to see more and more, things change, soon people start to look at me different or I look at them different maybe both. But I start to walk in life and people smile at me and engage me then, I smile more and the more I smile the happier I am. It seems so easy and so right things start to make sense as I make this connection. Then more happens…

Then I ask that presence to be inside of me, to be inside my feelings, to help me feel the way I should feel, the way I like to feel. Please show me how to have the right thoughts… That’s when I start to invite the omniscient mind of this Power into my life. When I start asking this power to show me my thoughts, and show me how to think to good purpose, and how to organize my thoughts. I have learned that my thoughts create my feelings and my feelings create my actions. I’m starting to go to the beginning of who I am in each moment.  I realize in each moment, the beginning of whom and what I am starts with good or bad thoughts, then I have feelings that attach to those thoughts.  Sometimes those thoughts come so fast I don’t recognize the thought, even though it’s there… But I do start to feel the feelings. As soon as bad feelings stir, my actions start to be affected by feeling… A feeling of fear, a feeling of loss, a feeling of hurt, I have a tendency to be very sensitive and I start to be sensitive to everybody around me…

That’s when we invite this Power into our minds again and again, as we invite this Power into our minds, the mind quiets down, what happens is thoughts get rearranged and negative thinking stops… I start to think new thoughts, out of the blue and there positive; I then start to feel these feelings of positivity just by asking to connect to that Presence and inviting that Presence into my mind.  As I invite that Presence into my mind, my thoughts start to be incorporated with that omniscient element that I’m calling a Power greater than any human power… Not even “God” yet… I’m not even calling this “God” yet… I’m just calling it a Power greater than any human power.  But I’m feeling it now and I’m inviting it into my thoughts, and my thoughts are starting to change…

We start to develop an awareness of distorted thinking, of thoughts that don’t make sense, thoughts that are aggressive and negative for no reason.  As I build this awareness, I ask this Power, this Omniscient Power to come into my mind and my mind quiets down.  My mind keeps quieting… The more my mind keeps getting quieter and quieter, the more I am relating that this is God… This is what people are talking about when they say God.  It’s inside me and it’s inviting that power inside me.  I know it’s inside me because things look good again… Life looks ambitious again… The world opens up and good things are happening all the time now…

I feel calm and quiet more and more, while other people may be racing around in distress, I am connecting to this Power all the time.  I’m practicing its presence and as I practice its presence, I invite it into my mind and as I invite it into my mind, I’m starting to think about things I never thought about that I could do, that I want to do… Passion starts to rise inside of me and this is how I’m coming to believe in a Power greater than myself.  As that passion starts to rise inside of me, I start to do more in life. I start to believe more is possible. There are no limits now, not for anybody. I start learning more things all of a sudden, with ease as though I am smarter. Things I have always wanted to know start to come to me. I read things and I understand right a way, I talk to people and express myself clearly with no more confusion. I am quiet so my thoughts are quiet and my words carry meaning all of a sudden… These are the first fruits of coming to believe in a Power greater then any human power

Much Love,

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  1. Kristie permalink
    January 25, 2010 7:13 pm

    Todays app. is so beautiful…I love the way you talk about the “Old Character and the New Character”…., and that in “my mind”, are where allof my troubles lie…It is almost like a complete relief knowing that, and helps me to just let go, and to feel one with God…Thank you for changing my life…..K

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