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Daily Application February 4, 2014 “Knowing I Am Connected”

February 4, 2010

February 4, 2014

Creating the desire to know I am connected…

The question we all have is, “When will I be in that place where I’m comfortable in the world that I live in?  When will I feel that comfort in life?”  The answer is:  Now

The way that we find order and connection is to become aware of disorder and disconnection…To become aware of when our mind starts to tell us what other people’s minds are telling them about us… When we perceive other people’s minds talking negatively about us… In other words, when we’re starting to conclude that what’s going on in other people’s minds about us is negative.  We have thoughts like, “They’re disconnecting from me.  They’re not connecting.  Why aren’t these people embracing me? Why are people looking the other way, they don’t seem to want to look at me? Why is everybody kind of ignoring me?”  These are disconnected thoughts that create massive disorder with our selves.  The question we might want to ask our selves is, “How come I don’t have thoughts of feeling connected to people?”  The reality of it is, we do… when we’re in a good place.  When we’re feeling good, walk in a room and the energy is upbeat… We’re saying Hi to people and embracing people… We’re not waiting for them to embrace us and say Hi to us first.  But when we’re in a bad place, we seem to wait for people to embrace us and connect to us, but they can’t read our minds and know that we’re looking for the connection and embracement.

We have to learn to ask for embracement.  We have to learn to project what we want.   So when we want connection and embracing from other people we, in fact, learn to connect and embrace people in our greatest time of need.  The funniest thing about this is, that we have a tendency to be connected and embrace people and have order when we’re in a good place but we don’t take note of it.  We just go with it without taking account of, “Man, I feel good. I’m really connecting to people,” and learning what that sounds like and feels like inside of us in order to recreate it over and over again.

We need to become aware of when we’re in a good place and what is going on inside of us so that we have anawareness of how to repeat that now… Because what we are aware of is when we’re in a bad place and aware of disconnected, disorderly thoughts that then drive us crazy.  And we try to resist them and don’t want to have them… But the more we have them the more disconnection and disorder we have in our life.  So, we seem to be aware of when we’re going down, when there is negativity, when things aren’t right, and that awareness promotes more concern about more of the disconnect and disorder happening.  Out of that concern we start to have even more thoughts of disconnect and start to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of disconnection and disorder.  Not knowing that desire deep within our selves to connect and have order, and we are left wondering, “When is this connection ever going to happen?”

The answer is that it is going to happen right now when you are aware that this connection and order is what you want.  And once you are aware that this is what you want, don’t sit in a corner waiting for people to come to you. Go to other people and give them exactly what it is that you want, and the world you live in will re-give to you exactly what you give to it.  So what we don’t want is to disconnect but then we hang out in a corner hoping someone will come and pull us out of it… Then that is where we remain and build that story, instead of realizing that the answer is to go and connect.  When you want connection then act with connection in mind.  When you want order, act with order in mind.

You’re developing an awareness of when all eight cylinders are firing in your life. When you’re feeling good… When you’re feeling the rhythms of your life and everything is feeling really super and you’re just connected to everything.  Take note of what’s going on… Take note of what kind of thoughts you’re harboring… Take note of what kind of energy you’re putting out so that you can recreate it over and over again.  This is connecting to order and connection as opposed to disorder and disconnection.  We no longer have to be aware of disorder and disconnection other than for the split second to know the solution is to connect and to create order with others.

Now we’re going to walk in the world and take note of when we’re feeling good… How we act when we’re feeling good and how to recreate that order and connection in case that disorder or disconnect comes up.  The question we all ask is, “When is this going to stop?”   It stops right now… When we now have that awareness of choosing disconnecting or connecting, disorder or order.

Have fun… Enjoy the ride.

Much love,


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  1. Phil permalink
    February 4, 2010 3:16 pm

    Exactly what I needed to hear thanks KC awesome stuff as usual. Another one right out of the park for me. THANKS

  2. February 4, 2010 11:17 am

    I find this application relevant to me. My old character was interacting with people and persuading them to take interest in projects. It involved going to conventions, events, shows and interacting on the phone and in person. I remember the ‘feeling’ that I was wearing a face. Putting on good cheer or connection, so to speak. “Time to be promo gal.” And I do remember the thoughts of “These people don’t know me, I don’t really connect to them.” Imagine that! Having a career that engaged literally hundreds of people on a regular basis and consistently maintaining a thought-life of disconnect to the majority of them!

    The joy for me is that with this application I connect to the true me and my joy… my sense of connection from my soul. And I project that true self joy outward. I consciously access a part of me that feels connection and joy and gift that to others, and the universe re-gives to me and I am given one hundred fold the joy of others! The new character that has connected to a Power-Greater-Than-Any Human-Power is the true self connection for me and when I walk with that Power my hand is out in greeting, my smile is genuine and my heart is open.

    Thank you, K.C.

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