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Daily Application February 7, 2010

February 6, 2010

February 7, 2010


Omnipresence…                                       Omniscience…                                          Omnipotence…

Part One:  Omnipresence…
Connecting to a Power greater than our self is one of the most dynamic principle applications that each individual gets to create in their own way… Think about what is being offered with these spiritual principles in coming to believe in a Power Greater than yourself: each individual who embraces these principles to manifest a positive psychic change is being given the opportunity to create their own image of the ultimate loving God that they will be in a partnership with. The ultimate loving God that does not know hate, judgment, condemnation, testing, punishment, sickness, or any ailment, but only knows the unconditional energy of love, intelligence and power.

These shaping tools that are being given to you are laid out in a simple, specific order to create your own ultimate concept of God for your life, that is not jaded by your preconceived ideas, or other ideas that have been supplanted in you by others, of what God is or is not. It is so important to start with a clean slate that represents an unconditional loving Power greater than any human power.

When I began this journey, even though I didn’t have to use the term “god” I knew that ultimately when I was ready that it would be God, understood by me and no one else. This does not mean that I cannot align myself with someone else’s conception of God, if it feels right to me. I personally started with another man’s conception of God… He was so absolutely clear about how his God represented nothing but love, intelligence and power. In modern consciousness, the punishing God of hell-fire and damnation certainly has been dismantled in a substantial way. But, I still believe that there is a lot of residue that is translated in terms like “I’m being tested,” or “God’s got a great sense of humor and is playing with me.” Like in the cosmic scheme of things, an all loving, intelligent power would stop everything to test you.

So, please, always maintain a clean, open mind as you apply these principles, which are the brush strokes for creating your own ultimate masterpiece of your image of God.

In order to create a relationship with this Power, or connect to it, we need to use the three principles that represent a Power-Greater-Than- Any-Human-Power which are: an Omnipresent Power, an Omniscient Power, and an Omnipotent Power. It is very important to use this order form to create a relationship to a Power greater than our self…

I start with the omnipresence… I connect the omnipresence of this Power to the things that make me feel good inside… Whenever you look at a beautiful sunset, is the beauty in the sunset or is it in you? Even if you think the beauty is in the sunset, point to where you think it is, and you will realize, of course it is in you. Think of a person that you love that you hold dear feelings for. Think of them right now… What is it that you love about them? See their body in your mind… Point to the part of their body that represents the person that you know and love… You can’t. In other words, what you like about the people you love, that compel you more than others, is inside of you, not them… They are just a reflection of what is inside you… They are a mirror that you use to reflect the light of love in us… Just like beauty and nature are a reflection of love, intelligence and power inside each and every one of us. Now you must seek more reflections and mirrors everywhere you go, not just in beautiful sunsets and the people you love. This the ultimate goal. And therefore, it must be the ultimate goal for every human being, if you think about it. To find as many mirrors and reflections that you can in the moment you’re in.

Remember, as it is laid out, it doesn’t mean that you have to be in the forest to appreciate nature… You can envision the forest in your mind any time you want. The mirror and reflection remain the same. The forest and the ocean are both inside of you… All you have to do is recall them any time you want. The love you feel for your friends and family is inside you… Every time you recall the reflection of that love you add more power to the love you share. Not only do you add more power to the love you share, you vibrate at a higher frequency and everyone who comes across your path is lifted by your love or if you will, by your practicing the omnipresence.

Think about the passions in your life… What are your passions? If it’s a passion it’s something done with love… Love is that which indicates omnipresence…. Anywhere there is love you are touching omnipresence. Anytime you work with love you are co-creating with presence, intelligence and power. Everything done with love is done masterfully.

Part Two:  Omniscience…
I’m recognizing that I’m trying to get this presence into my mind because I’ve become aware through this awareness process of the fact that my mind is where all my troubles lie… That I live in memory… That I live in hard-wired trauma… I live in memories that I don’t want to relive but I can’t seem to get away from them… I didn’t process them correctly… I’ve had deep and effective violent emotional twists that have altered my destiny and changed who I was to be, forever!  Very, very intense moments… These moments, hurt me, they created the character that I was going to be. I didn’t know that in life this is what we are doing all the time, everyday: For better or worse we are building a character, if we don’t have instructions then the character is a byproduct of our experience and the way we look at life. You can only think about what you know and you can only know what you think about. When I learned how to be self-honest to self, I found that my thoughts were not good for anybody including me. This was my best not my worst. I needed something more than me to change for the better…

So, I’m building a new character now! Because, the old character I built did not give me the life that I was looking for, I had to become self-bankrupt. In the building of this new character I’m coming to believe in a Power greater than any human power…  I use the three principles of Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent to measure everything against.  In other words, when I go into any situation in my life, like work! I’m looking at my place of business, where I’m working I’m trying to connect to this Power greater than any human power’s presence at work… Sometimes it’s with co-workers that I really appreciate… Could be I’ve got a good boss, or there’s just a very nice homey feel at work and I love that homey feel… I learn to appreciate these kinds of feelings and these connections. I’m looking around my life to see what parts of my life I do connect to and I feel really good about, I want to connect all that is good to this presence, the omnipresence of a Power greater than any human power. When I do, I feel sanity, which is defined as soundness of mind. This soundness starts to enter every area of my life, as I ask to see more and more, things change, soon people start to look at me different or I look at them different maybe both. But I start to walk in life and people smile at me and engage me then, I smile more and the more I smile the happier I am. It seems so easy and so right things start to make sense as I make this connection. Then more happens…

Then I ask that presence to be inside of me, to be inside my feelings, to help me feel the way I should feel, the way I like to feel. Please show me how to have the right thoughts… That’s when I start to invite the omniscient mind of this Power into my life. When I start asking this power to show me my thoughts, and show me how to think to good purpose, and how to organize my thoughts. I have learned that my thoughts create my feelings and my feelings create my actions. I’m starting to go to the beginning of who I am in each moment.  I realize in each moment, the beginning of whom and what I am starts with good or bad thoughts, then I have feelings that attach to those thoughts.  Sometimes those thoughts come so fast I don’t recognize the thought, even though it’s there… But I do start to feel the feelings. As soon as bad feelings stir, my actions start to be affected by feeling… A feeling of fear, a feeling of loss, a feeling of hurt, I have a tendency to be very sensitive and I start to be sensitive to everybody around me…

That’s when we invite this Power into our minds again and again, as we invite this Power into our minds, the mind quiets down, what happens is thoughts get rearranged and negative thinking stops… I start to think new thoughts, out of the blue and there positive; I then start to feel these feelings of positivity just by asking to connect to that Presence and inviting that Presence into my mind.  As I invite that Presence into my mind, my thoughts start to be incorporated with that omniscient element that I’m calling a Power greater than any human power… Not even “God” yet… I’m not even calling this “God” yet… I’m just calling it a Power greater than any human power.  But I’m feeling it now and I’m inviting it into my thoughts, and my thoughts are starting to change…

We start to develop an awareness of distorted thinking, of thoughts that don’t make sense, thoughts that are aggressive and negative for no reason.  As I build this awareness, I ask this Power, this Omniscient Power to come into my mind and my mind quiets down.  My mind keeps quieting… The more my mind keeps getting quieter and quieter, the more I am relating that this is God… This is what people are talking about when they say God.  It’s inside me and it’s inviting that power inside me.  I know it’s inside me because things look good again… Life looks ambitious again… The world opens up and good things are happening all the time now…

I feel calm and quiet more and more, while other people may be racing around in distress, I am connecting to this Power all the time.  I’m practicing its presence and as I practice its presence, I invite it into my mind and as I invite it into my mind, I’m starting to think about things I never thought about that I could do, that I want to do… Passion starts to rise inside of me and this is how I’m coming to believe in a Power greater than myself.  As that passion starts to rise inside of me, I start to do more in life. I start to believe more is possible. There are no limits now, not for anybody. I start learning more things all of a sudden, with ease as though I am smarter. Things I have always wanted to know start to come to me. I read things and I understand right away, I talk to people and express myself clearly with no more confusion. I am quiet so my thoughts are quiet and my words carry meaning all of a sudden… These are the first fruits of coming to believe in a Power greater than any human power.

Part Three:  Omnipotence
We have talked about the omnipresence of a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power… we talked about the omniscient mind of a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power… Now we are going to talk about the omnipotence that comes when we relate our self to a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power.  We’re going to talk about how to recognize it and what does it mean?  What does this omnipotence mean?  All power.

The strongest force in the universe known to man is desire… Desire within any human being, if it is strong enough, can change anything and move mountains.  Men like Gandhi have shown us what their desire can do… Nelson Mandela and his desires… Martin Luther King, Jr. and his desires… John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy… These men were all filled with desires…  Leonardo Da Vinci, Beethoven, Mozart, these geniuses… Every genius known to man always had one amazing characteristic:  the ability to do an immense amount of work in a very concise, short amount of time.  The reason for that was the efficiency, because they never worked without their Creator… using their hands with their Creator.  They co-created everything with their Creator.  That is the omniscient mind that we invite in to any endeavor that we’re going to do.  So, the presence is always radiated in beauty, love, truth, rhythm, and balance… The eternal qualities, the qualities of life that are very real.  We live in a very unreal three-dimensional world that we think is reality when it is not.  Anything that is real must be eternal… It must not come and go but remain forever.  That is why love is eternal… Balance is eternal.  When you’re in balance you don’t know it, that’s why it’s a quality that is eternal.  Balance is a consistent state… Imbalance is an inconsistent state.

As we start to apply these principles into our life, what we’re starting to do is relate to a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power by practicing the omnipresence of those eternal qualities… Then we ask that Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power into our mind to help us with out thoughts, and our thoughts start to be sound… They start to be peaceful… They’re balanced thoughts. After a period of time of application with balance, it starts to get stronger and the thoughts that come to us seem to come out of the blue… They’re called inspiration and intuition.  Intuition is the first marker of the omniscient mind and participating in that omniscient mind as much as you can.  Which means I make a conscious effort, all the time, to invite this Power into my mind as a way of life.  So, we’re always looking for triggers to invite this Power, to remind us of our communion because we’re always in communion.  Meditation, in essence, as we practice and practice it becomes a part of who we are… So it isn’t something just set aside as something to do… In other words, we develop into a walking meditative state, meaning that we’re always connecting to the undivided, to Creation, to that which creates all things.

Sound comes from silence, so we’re always in a state of silence in our mind.  That’s why when our mind goes quiet, we get silence and within that silence comes all idea… All idea exists in one place, and we take a part of that idea by desire.  That is the omnipotence.  So, as we start to feel the presence of a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power and then participate in the omniscience of having thoughts come to us that are greater than any thoughts we’ve ever had that resolve situations instantly… We find our self knowing things just naturally that we don’t have to study… We just know.  We grasp concepts because we’re starting to learn how the universe functions and learn that we live in a universe of absolute balance.  How we know this is that if the Earth that we live on were to shift one inch then everything in the solar system that we know of would shift that one-inch also.  If it did not, the oceans would cover the ground just by a shift of one inch of our Earth that was out of realm of our moon and the other planets in the system.  They are all in sync.  The gravitational pull of the sun causes the orbits of our planetary system… If one of those planets moves then all planets move with it.  We must grasp that we live in absolute balance… It is not chaos at all…

So, when we live in a balanced universe, we start to recognize that balance in our mind.  We start to get intuition… This intuition becomes an amazing charge in our life because we are no longer confused, we no longer feel as though we can’t figure things out, or dumbfounded in our ability to make concise decisions and trust our decisions.   When this starts to happen, there is another commodity that starts to infiltrate our life and it is called inspiration, and it is idea.  All idea is in one place.  All idea.  There are no parts in the one undivided idea of creation that exists in the all-knowing mind of God’s mind. The way that it is best understood to me is that God has one idea and that is creation as a whole, and that God has one desire, and that one desire is to manifest that one idea piece by piece which we call an infinite array of effects in the three-dimensional world.  In order to transmit the whole idea from the undivided into the three-dimensional world it must be done element by element.  Each element is a representation of the one idea.  All elements combined are the one idea.  One element we call a tree, or a blade of grass, or a solar system… The relativity of the size of the element only matters in the three dimensions… It does not matter in the undivided realm where all idea exists.   Each idea has the same power… Each idea represents the same thing… Every element in this universe, from an atom to a gigantic nebulae system represents the same thing… The same omnipresence is there… The same omniscience is there… The same omnipotence is in the atom as it is in a galaxy.  It’s a different dimension and size but the concept remains the same, because obviously every galaxy is made up of trillions of quadrillions of atoms but each atom carries it’s power that is equal to the galaxy.  In other words, you can look at the universe like a watch… There are many, many parts within a watch but no part is more important than any other because if you take away one part of that watch that synchronizes and mechanizes the measuring of time, the watch’s function ceases to exist.  You must understand that is you.  We are all part of a watch and every one of us represents some mechanism that makes the whole watch move, and if any one of us were not in that watch or didn’t operate correctly within the watch, the watch’s function would cease to exist.

Each and every one of us is the center of our own universe, which I have written in previous applications.  You are the center of your own universe all the time. That’s why when you look around, up, down, right, left, all around, 360 degrees; you are the center of your own universe.  Each element is the center of its own universe… Each element is important to all the elements that construct time and are part of that watch.  Do not think that you are insignificant… You must recognize your own omnipotence…  The omnipotence that we are all looking for is passion.  Things done with passion are done with power…  When someone has passion like Gandhi, to change the nation of India so that everybody was free and equal, that desire was so strong that his body no longer mattered because it was his spirit and the omnipotence within him that was guiding him.  That omnipotence is within each and every one of us… We all are Mozarts, Beethovens, Gandhis, and Martin Luther King, Jrs.  We all have that same potential… That is omnipotence.  The way we manifest it is we must learn to put passion into everything we do… As we learn to exercise passion, our power, our omnipotence gets greater and greater because our conceptualizations get stronger and stronger. The more variety that we bring into life and the more passion that we express in the actions that we’re taking in life create inspiration.  Inspiration is a concept… A concept that inspires one to create that which was conceived in that inspiration… Inspirations do not come in parts; they come in the flash of a whole idea that requires the omniscience to then break down the parts of the idea in order to produce a product through the omnipresence by our hands.

So, we get an idea, a concept… It inspires us with a passion to create, whether it is a book, a song, a building, a bridge, a painting, a sculpture… any one of the arts is where we best co-create with our Creator.  Within those arts is where all of life has been shaped and formed… The consciousness of mankind, in terms of the qualities of life, have all come from the great geniuses that have produced art because art raises the consciousness of everybody.  When the consciousness is raised there is no meanness, there is only the expression of love…

Love is omnipotent…  The omnipotence that we’re looking for is that each moment we live in love… This is the source of our omnipotence… We all know love… Now we must learn how to live applying the principle of love in everything we do.  This is the omnipotence of a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power because when you are walking with love, talking with love, thinking, feeling and acting with love then there is nothing but harmony surrounding you, nothing but creation unfolding and you are one with your Creator… That is the sole desire of a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power: the expression of love.  God has one idea and that is creation, as a whole, and one desire which is to express the one idea with love.  That is omnipotence…  When we are in love, and living, working and acting in love we are working in omnipotence.

Have fun…  Play with love.  You’ve been given three stages…  Build them in…  For each stage, give it a Season… Keep applying it.  Don’t wonder and know that when you practice the omnipresence, you touch the omniscient and you touch the omnipotent.  As we practice omnipresence more we start to integrate the omniscient mind of a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power, and as we start to practice those two elements, we start to get intuition and inspiration that create omnipotence.  When you touch one, you touch them all.  It is not a race… It’s quality, not quantity.  Get the quality of omnipresence… When the quality is there it will lead you to the omniscience, and when the quality of the omniscience is there, it will lead you to the omnipotence… And it is there, where you are creating, everything you do you do with love because it is all about love.  We certainly have figured that out.

Much love always,


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