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Daily Application February 8, 2010

February 7, 2010

February 8, 2010

Connecting to the one we love…

This one goes out to the one we love…

Let’s say you’re not in a relationship… It is innate within each and every one of us to desire to have a mate… Someone that we connect to, that matches our frequency. So often we think about how opposites attract… It’s an untruth. What attracts is like… Like begets like. This is one of the universal principles that we hear in all philosophies. Since like begets like, we must understand and start to become aware of who we are, how we function, what goes on inside of us and what our sensibilities are. What our similarities would be with somebody else… What it is about us that we know so that we can recognize what we like about us in someone else…

It seems in relationships as though what we’re looking for is someone to fix the holes inside of us. This is the wrong approach when we’re seeking the one we love. The wrong approach because we’re hurting or have a hole somewhere, or a void, and we think that if we can find someone it can fill that hole or void. Or, if they have attributes that we don’t have, we think that their positive attributes combined with our positive attributes, if we put those together that things will get better. Because we’ll combine our attributes and where we’re weak and they’re strong, or we’re strong and they’re weak will even us out. It’s an untruth. Here’s what happens: If you are strong in an area and you end up being attracted to someone who is weak in an area where you’re strong, your strength dwarfs them and their weakness limits your strength. But if you’re strong in an area of life as in manageability, order, emotional stability, these types of things, and you find someone who is just like you and has those same strengths, now those strengths just doubled. And then you find out you have similarities in your weaknesses… Going with the theme of like begets like: Let’s say you’re weak in managing your files or administratively and you get with someone and they’re weak administratively… Well, you two together, when you combine your weaknesses, you might think that this makes you weaker, but in reality it made your weakness twice as strong, and it just got better. Even though you’re both lacking in that area, the combination makes you stronger than you are by yourself.

This is true mate hood… This is what we’re looking for in our mate hood and what our universal desire is: to connect to our “other half.” So, remember, like begets like. We must find out what our likes are and what our dislikes are, where we’re strong and where we’re weak. So that when we’re looking for mate hood, we’re looking for similarities, we’re not looking for differences. Because what happens is, we get in a relationship and subconsciously we’re trying to fix our weaknesses by getting someone who has strengths where we don’t, and where they’re weak we have strengths. We just create more mis-mating, more disconnect and less harmony. We must recognize that we are looking for someone like us, so we must first know our selves… Stop running from our selves and from our weaknesses… Start to acknowledge our strengths… Coupled with, while doing this, we start to expose our weaknesses. We can make our strengths stronger, and we can start to work on our weaknesses by our selves.

Don’t wait for someone to come and fix you in your life. This is seemingly a common theme with us. We have a tendency to hope that someone is going to come along and fix our weaknesses. But, the reality is that if we can start working on our weaknesses, and strengthening our strengths or assets, then we become better people… Then we aren’t waiting for people to fix us. When we become better people, we feel more whole in who we are… When we feel more whole in whom we are, when it comes to mate hood we won’t compromise. Sometimes we make compromises in mate hood because we are trying to get someone to fill the voids of our weaknesses… Therefore, where they’re strong we’re weak and we’re strong where they’re weak, thinking that is going to create the perfect mix. It is absolutely an illusion that we must dismantle… We just need to look at the simple principle of: a strength and a strength make something stronger. A weakness and a weakness do not make something weaker… It actually makes that weakness stronger.

We all have that great, super desire, almost a knowing, of true connection to our other half and what it feels like. We envision looking at them… So, I’m encouraging all of you – if you’re not in a relationship and you’re looking for your other half – to create your other half and what you want with them. But don’t give them physical form! Never give your mate, if they are not yet in your life, physical form… Because when you try to give it physical form you have a tendency to look backwards.

We all have that deep desire to look at another soul and say, “I love you so much.” We want to learn to have them say back to us in the same intensity and purity in which we say we love them, to have them reciprocate. We must feel that connection of them saying, “I love you, too. I love you just as much as you love me.”  That’s the feeling of connection we want to make when we’re envisioning our mate and with whom we want to be. We want to feel them reciprocate emotionally because the basis of love has nothing to do with what we see with our external eyes but what we see with our inner eyes and feel with our inner hearts.

So, in that realm when you’re creatively visualizing your mate and whom you want to be with, do not ever give them form. But do connect every feeling of the essence of love you can and feel them reciprocate your deep desire to connect, your deep desire to hold their hand… Get up in the morning, and even though they’re not in your life, feel as though you’re waking up and you feel them in your bed and you kiss them and say “Hi” and they kiss you back and say “Hi” the same way. When you’re alone in your car and driving, feel the essence of them sitting next to you… You feel your self grab their hand and make the expression, “God, I love you so much,” and envision that they grab your hand and say, “I love you more.” This is how we create the ultimate mate. We have got to stop giving it corporeal form. The essence of love has no form.

Love is formless… Love is endless… Love is the ultimate reality of life…

So when you desire and want to create that ultimate mate, you create it in feeling… You create it in emotions… You create it without any kind of form therefore the connection you can make is unlimited. As you keep creating that over and over, that connection and feeling them connected to you and you to them, that form will come into your life. What blocks you is if you say, “Oh, they’re going to have blonde hair or be a brunette… They’re going to tall, they’re going to be thin, and they’re going to be this nationality or that”… You block the opportunity for true love. True love does not have form. Think about it… True love; there is no form. It is beyond form. True love is that which is the universal current of all that is good and all that is created in life. It has no form.

So when we envision our true mate, we envision it in feeling. We envision it at a higher level of frequency of true connection. And there is that ultimate, ultimate physical chemistry… But we only feel the chemistry when we envision the mate of our dreams. We don’t ever give it form.

It’s so exciting because you now have an opportunity to paint the mate of your dreams, but you just don’t give it form. You don’t need to because, again, love has no form… Love is formless… Love is endless… Love is the ultimate reality of life… The ultimate reality of anything can never be seen by the sensed eyes or touched by the physical form; it can only be known by the inner heart, the inner eyes and the inner soul of who we are to know that we have found our true mate. It all is in essence… It all is in feeling… It all is in the love connection. And the love connection knows no form; it just knows other love connection.

Have fun with this… Create the mate of your dreams… Feel them with you all the time… Say “Hi” to them… Engage them and feel them say “Hi” to you back… It is so important that you feel them reciprocate every bit of love that you give them. This is one of the greatest applications and it’s so fun… It removes isolation and it really gives you a feeling of knowing that your mate is coming to you… The more you can attune yourself to this love frequency, the sooner that mate will enter your life and you’ll know it when it enters your life not through the form but through the love connection that you’ve envisioned. When they come into your life, you will feel and know that connection of love that has no form.

Much love,


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