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Daily Application February 9, 2010

February 8, 2010

February 9, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I need to shut my brain off…

Question from e-mail: Is there any brain “science” yet that explains why we have obsessive thoughts?  Sometimes I feel like I need to shut my brain off from always being focused on subjects of concern that are yesterday’s news! In other words, letting go…why is it so hard?

Answer: As far as what is going on with your head, as in being negative and still wanting to escape, this is a good thing because you are, for the first time, becoming aware of your injured fault-finding mind… Your mind is doing nothing different than it has always done.  You’re  just becoming aware of it for the first time…. You can’t be free from something you can’t see…

The next step is treatment… Going to God with your thoughts and asking them to be redirected to the thoughts that God would want you to have…. Good thoughts, good feelings and good actions can now be put where the bad stuff is by just asking for the God thoughts when you become aware of the bad ones… So don’t panic when you start to become aware – be happy. For the first time you are seeing what has blocked you all your life… Now the thoughts can change, with the help of God, by taking them to God and asking God to give you the thoughts that you should have….

Much love,


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