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Daily Application February 19, 2010

February 18, 2010

February 19, 2010

Desire and Visualize….

Today is a day to create more on the cosmic screen of what you want… Look at what you would like to have happen right now, and in the future… See every part of what you want and desire, desire, desire what you want all day… Keep seeing what it is you want… Feel the energy of your dream happening.  This is the proper use of desire… It is the strongest tool we have. Learning how to use it so we can manifest is the purpose of this exercise…

If your desire is strong enough you can move mountains… But you must first practice manifesting desire…

So today apply the principle of desire… Build each day the ability to harness desire at will with God and the things you do will be done masterly… Desire to cook a great meal and see what happens… Do this with all you activities and watch your life flourish… Desire to have a great talk with a loved one and enjoy the manifestation of your desires….

Just Desire Desire Desire….

Have fun.

Much love,


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Photo credit: Samuel Anwar

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