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Daily Application February 20, 2010

February 19, 2010

February 20, 2010

Laughter… And widening the hoop in your life…

Widen the hoop when you feel tight today… If you have a pressing problem or you get caught up in life.  Remember, you might be having a soul experience that your soul signed up for.  Meaning, we all have soul experiences but most times we don’t realize it until it has already happened, and then we look back and realize that we had a soul experience … We feel better about it because it was a lesson we needed to learn and we grow from…  But, while it was happening we were miserable and we fought and screamed, then we thought, “This is not fair I don’t need this.”

If we can, while we are in it, realize this is a soul experience we’re having because of the impact or intensity of emotions,then we can realize, “I am having a soul experience.” and look for the meaning and what we are supposed to learn from what ever is happening… Sometimes I capture a view of earth from space by the desire of widening the hoop, and look down from space and know that I have made my problems too constraining and I am locked up…When I have this image in my mind, I ask the question:  In the scope of this world, and this universe, how big are my problems relative to all that is out there?  The answer, of course, is not very big. Then I know I lost perspective.  So I realign my point of view and realize I am having a soul experience that I created long ago when I didn’t have a body… So I need to go through this… I set this experience up for my soul to grow.

In the scope of this world, and this universe, how big are my problems relative to all that is out there?

Make an effort to laugh today.  It is so important to laugh.  I used to wait to have a belly laugh, but in life I have realized that waiting to laugh can sometimes take a long time… I know I have said, and have heard many people say, after a good laugh, “Oh, myy God!  I haven’t laughed that hard in so long it felt great!”   So why wait?  I make a point of thinking throughout the day, “Today I want to laugh.”

Think of when you were a kid and you would fake a belly laugh really loud,  then you keep doing it and before long, within seconds, you would really start to have a belly-buster laugh… Try it in front of someone; start to laugh then add to the laugh – make it louder and louder and they will look at you and then they will chuckle… When they do, point at them and laugh even harder from the gut… Then they will start to giggle, and laugh harder until you get them belly busting…

Enjoy this application!  It is wonderful to make someone laugh and it will do you some good, too.

Much love, enjoy the day.


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