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Daily Application February 22, 2010

February 21, 2010

February 22, 2010

Action Creates Motion…

This application is about how to take action to create a solution for our life…  About getting into motion, getting out of the problem…  About recognizing the difference between the solution and the problem.

So much energy is wasted on worrying about problems… Worrying about if things go wrong, or go in a different direction, or somebody says something that bothers us… We have all of these concerns that we raise about the potential for problems.

What we need to learn is that problems will always be there.  Problems will never cease to exist.  What we want to become is a character that takes action toward solutions.

Any time you get a concern about any problem that you are having in life, if it is consuming energy in your mind then you need to take an action towards its resolve.  What ever action that is… Any time you find yourself worrying about it, you take an action towards solution, towards resolving the problem.

This is what we do to convert that energy that we’re using…   We shouldn’t have the time to worry about the problem because we are so busy taking the right actions.  I always notice that when I am taking action, I don’t have to stop and worry about what could go wrong. As I’m taking action, I am creating that which I want to be right.

It is so important as we move on in our life to recognize that the problems will always keep coming, but if we become a character that only focuses on the solution then problems will cease to exist.  Then we are people who resolve issues, not people who cry about them and talk about how difficult they are, and repeat this to others about the struggles that we’re going through.   We become characters who talk from action and solution.

We always want to put our energy into the solution.  What can we do to resolve the situation?  Prioritize… Whatever it is that you need to get done, make a list of them.  We all have a lot to do so it important to make a check list and prioritize that list starting with the most important action to take.  As we do this, we will realize that each action we take is creating the solution for whatever the issue is.   And we don’t worry about all the actions we need to take… We take one action that we have chosen on this list and only focus on that action… Don’t concern our selves with the others that follow until we are ready to focus on them.

Stay in the solution… Every time you are worried about a problem, ask your self the question:  “What action can I take right now towards the solution?”  Knowing that action is the key.  We must take this action with passion… We must take this action knowing that we are creating a solution… Not wondering, but knowing.  This way every action we take is sure-footed, and we just stay in the solution.  It’s very simple to find out what action you need to take toward the solution by just asking the question.

So, don’t sit in worry… Don’t get into anguish… Don’t feel overwhelmed… All you have to do is ask yourself the question, “What action can I take right now toward the solution of what I need right now?”

Have fun… Take the right actions… And remember:  Action creates motion, and every time you take an action there will be a reaction.  Something will always happen.  If you take the right action then only the right reaction can happen.  So, walk in faith and confidence knowing that you’re taking the right actions and therefore only the right things can happen for your life.

Much love,


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  1. Anonymous 2 permalink
    February 22, 2010 12:28 pm

    That is great advice – and if I can’t take an action today. If there is nothing concrete – I write down the worry or problem on a piece of paper and put it in my God jar. I will take actions but God takes care of the result. Or I take whatever action I can and still write it down and put it in my God Jar. Reading all of the other pieces of paper that I put in my are in my God jar also helps. Then I say – look at how those things resolved themselves. Fretting had absolutely nothing to do with the result.

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