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Daily Application March 1, 2010

February 28, 2010

March 1, 2010

How to void negative energy…

We live in a universe of ultimate balance… If you find that you have been in a space of negativity about work, a relationship, social setting, and it has been a reoccurring theme… If you’re not feeling good, maybe kind of down…  If you realize that you’ve been chewing on negative things, fear, and concerns, or maybe just looking at the negativity of situations…   It isn’t enough just to be aware of being negative and chewing on negative things, but to stop that kind of energy flow.

It will stop the negative energy flow by becoming aware of it, but to actually heal it and void it, it must be countered with good energy.  When you find yourself in a negative space, and recognize what you’ve been negative about, you must feed positive energy into that same area, the thing, situation or person you were stewing about.  Think about an asset list instead for that which you were in a negative space about.  Look at the things about that thing, situation or person that were good, of value, and why they are purposeful in life.  You must feed these now with sunlight thoughts to void all of the negative energy.  And don’t think this just a one-day kind of thing… This is an application to put sunlight equivalent to that negative energy that you put to that entity or person.  By being negative, you were actually taking from it and now you must replenish it… To void the negative, in the universe you live in, you must now balance by giving the opposite of what you have taken from it.

Just as many thoughts that were negative must be replaced by thoughts that are positive, encouraging and uplifting towards that situation or person.  You will recognize what the equal balance of exchange will be.  As much as you’ve been negatively brewing on something, you must now brew on the positive aspects and feed it with the thoughts that your Creator would have you have towards the person, social setting or work environment.

This is how you create balance back into your life, and this is a trust factor… Sometimes you find yourself in a hole, and maybe you fed on some negative emotions, a little self-pity or victim-hood…  Well, in order to balance it you must equally give uplifting energy, reassurance, connectivity and positive aspects to rebuild insecurities into securities.  It doesn’t happen by one application… It must be repeated over and over…

As much as you were repeating the negativity you must repeat positive, uplifting energy to void out any negative energy that you have entered into.

This is a very important application… It has to do with trust… If you find yourself in a hole, you keep filling up that hole with positive, affirmative ideas about what is going on… That everything is of purpose… There is no chaos… There is order.  You must trust in the goodness that is around your life.  Keep filling that hole until you get back to level ground… Until you feel like you’re on stable ground, and you are feeling good overall.

The indicator of knowing you are back on level ground is the feeling of well being about your life.  So, until you are absolutely walking on solid ground where you are comfortable in your life and feeling grateful for what is there, then you have to fill up that hole left by being negative.  This is the ultimate balancer in a universe that will always restore balance to every situation.  Don’t wait… Don’t let pain be the trigger to restore… Don’t let penalty have to be what forces you to restore the balance of what you’ve taken from the situation by being negative.  You, in fact, can put your energy back into it to uplift it and heal it, no matter what area of your life.  You put the energy back in so that circumstances don’t force you to have to because ultimately if you don’t, what will happen is that the circumstance will be created to put the balance back in… That’s when really penalizing things can happen in your life.  You lose a relationship, a job, or socially you can’t go somewhere ever again because you’ve created real toxicity.

Have fun with it… Know how to balance your universe and void all negative energy:  that which you have taken from anything by being negative, give positive energy back to it equally and all will be well.

Much love,


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  1. Shirlee permalink
    March 1, 2010 10:43 pm

    “You must trust in the goodness that is around your life. Keep filling that hole until you get back to level ground…”
    Thanks for this reminder!

    People mentioned “that hole-in-the-gut” feeling, a leak through which energy drains away. I remember feeling helpless against this gaping abyss, completely incapable of humor, let alone trust. I lay on the earth in prayer and listened. The prickliest weeds protected the soil from erosion and looked pretty in their way. Intricate insects simply did what they do best, without regard for what they cannot do or be. I recognized that I was a part of this web of life, my paralyzing self-pity was a figment of my own imagination. I still need conscious discipline to apply that lesson in current situations.

    What appears outside must also exist within; we can only perceive that of which we can conceive. Daily, hourly focus on positivity (aka Beauty, “goodness”) is indeed a critical discipline to maintain balance in perceiving, trusting, being. How we choose to thinking of even the most seemingly insignificant thing, as either positive, negative, or neutral, truly has huge impact on our way of being in the world. The cumulative effects make the difference between experiencing life as heavenly (conscious of happiness, hope, harmony, health, humor) or as hell.

    TLC community, thanks for the opportunity to see the goodness in each of you. It feeds the desire to maintain thought-discipline throughout the week. KC, thanks for sharing so genuinely.

  2. March 1, 2010 10:04 am

    Great application! It will be most useful, especially in my work environment.
    Thanks K.C.

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