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Daily Application March 2, 2010

March 1, 2010

March 2, 2010

Everything we do is an extension of who we are…

You never want any one thing that you do to be solely who you are…  What that means is that you never want any one thing in our life to be your identity.  And, this happens very often… You might be a “stay-at-home-mom” and the children, household, and the groceries are your main focus.  The identity of that mother can start to feel unfulfilling because it can feel to you like that is all that you are.  You need to remember that everything that you do is just an extension of who you are.  You never want to become any one single thing as an identity.  So, the way to treat this is to realize that your soul is unlimited, and the soul of who you are is so much greater than any one thing you will ever do.

Even if you are the most famous actor or rock star, or even the President of the United States… Barack Obama is a father, a husband, a citizen, and he is also the President of the United States.  But if being the President of the United States becomes his only identity then he will lose his soul at the cost of making that extension solely who he is.  This is the same for anybody.  This is why when you look at famous people like actors and rock stars and you think they’ve got it made, in reality they’re facing one of the greatest battles that a human being can face.  Because, in that capacity when you are separated from other people by the virtue of just great amounts of money that you are paid for what you do, or great amounts of money in exchange for your identity, it is important to realize the conflict that is gone through.  Let’s say a famous actor like Tom Cruise who makes 20 million dollars per film… Now Tom Cruise is an actor, and that is just an extension of a guy named Tom.  The guy named Tom is also a husband and a father.  But if he loses those identities and gets caught up in only the 20-million-dollar-per-film Tom Cruise then his life gets really small.  If his fans don’t come by the numbers, they don’t buy as many tickets to his movies, then that identity can get concerned that it is going to go away.  When that fear starts to take over, it will literally fracture the soul.  The soul in any one of us knows much more than any extension of what we do.

The freedom is in consistently recognizing that you are so much more than your job or career, or being a husband or wife, a mother or father… It doesn’t mean that these things aren’t important.  They are extremely important.  But if you only define yourself as one of those things, then what does the soul get to experience in other possibilities?  We’ve been shown by so many people throughout history that our souls are greater and we can accomplish unlimited things.  What stops any one of us from realizing all of our abilities or potential is getting caught up in our identities.

Remember that the soul of you is far greater than any identity you could ever assume, or any one thing that you do in life.  You do not want it to become your sole identity.

This doesn’t happen by a decision.  This happens by awareness.  You know that you’ve gotten caught up in an identity when your world feels really small.  When you think that everything is coming down on you.  Maybe what has happened is that you lost a job, a marriage that you have devoted multiple years to ends in divorce, and then your identity gets fractured.  And then you realize how much you locked onto that one aspect of your life.

We want to become multi-dimensional souls, realizing that there are unlimited capabilities for each and every one of us.  You can be a doctor in eight years if you choose to educate yourself, but the doctor would not be totally who you are. The doctor would just be an extension of who you are even if you have devoted years to becoming that doctor.  You never want to be one thing… You always want to be unlimited.

Remember, your soul can do whatever it wants to do.  Don’t lock onto any one identity… Widen the hoop… Feel that full potential and capability… Feel that you are unlimited and the multiple extensions of what you can do… This is freedom in life… This is the freedom of your Creator.  You realize that it is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and therefore you are omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.  If you fall into limiting yourself by only one identity then you are no longer omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.  If you remember that your soul is capable of unlimited things, then any one identity can never be who you are. This is great freedom in life.

If you get caught up in any one identity or extension of who you are as being the sole identity of who you are, then the world will get small and a lot of pain will come.  Embrace your soul and recognize that you are capable of doing unlimited things.

Have fun with this application.  This is an application that allows you to create whatever you want… Unlimited possibilities…  If you feel that your possibilities are limited it is because you have gotten caught up in a single identity.  This feeling of limitation will not go away until you peel the layers away of why you have attached yourself to that one identity.  Whatever that identity is, it is just an extension of your creativity in one area.  To be creative in an endeavor then whatever you do, you do with love, which is unlimited.  This is a beautiful aspect in life of becoming free soul who realizes that it is an endless process until the day that your body refolds… To reinvent yourself at any time… To not attach to any one identity and let it be who you are.

Sometimes we attach our selves to an identity of negativity.  Sometimes we attach our selves to an identity of victim.  Sometimes we attach our selves to an identity of trauma.   Or an identity of a bad life, or a broken marriage, or a broken business, or going from rich to poor, or poor to rich!  These are all identities…  When we attach our selves to any one of those identities and then they start to falter or don’t fulfill our satisfactions we can fracture. Remember that an identity will never fulfill us in completeness… They only give us temporary fulfillment in the idea of creative expression.  But there is always a need for more when locking onto one identity.

Make it infinitely possible for you to do anything that you want in this world.  Don’t put yourself in a singular position.  It is so embracing and so wonderful to know that each and every one of us is capable of unlimited aspects. But, you must first recognize if you have attached yourself to any one identity.

Have fun with this application.  It is a joyful one.  When you get done, you should be able to recognize that your soul can do whatever it wants to do and is never locked into any one thing.  It is capable of multiple, multiple, multiple identities. And never any one identity will be who you are.  Enjoy the freedom… Enjoy the freedom of knowing you are an omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent soul that can have fun in this life and create whatever you want.
Much love,


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  1. Laurel permalink
    March 2, 2010 12:06 am

    This works in reverse too. Like, “This job is only temporary. I won’t be happy until I’m a writer.” Locking onto an identity of what I want to be, and putting off fulfillment until that comes. If I’m writing now, I am a writer If I’m painting now, I am an artist. What I really mean is that I put off my happiness until I am recognized by others as being the identity I desire to be viewed as. As opposed to knowing I am what I want to be now by desire, and then knowing that there is more than the one facet of creativity or passion in which to be fulfilled.

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