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Daily Application March 10, 2010

March 9, 2010

March 10, 2010

How can each soul recognize its own individuality?

What is it that we can relate to that describes our uniqueness and yet our still being connected to oneness?  How do we stay connected to the oneness of everything while we’re expressing and recognizing our own individuality?  One thing that we know is that our desires are unlike anyone else’s… There might be similarities, but the specific desires within each human being as to what they want or like, where they want to go, what is healthy to them, what love is to them, and how they want to fulfill those is unique to each, just like a fingerprint.  No one can tell anyone else how to be happy, what will make them content or the ideal relationship for them… Everyone must discover these things on their own.  That is where our uniqueness and individuality are found.

The best way to relay this idea is to look at the ocean… The ocean represents an entire body of water…. 75% of the earth is water.   There is a major component in life to water, and when we look at it we feel mystery; the magic of unlimited life forms that exist below the surface of the water.  Yet, that ocean, so magnificent, so wonderful, can at times create waves that we think are destructive… But the waves are in fact just an extension of the ocean.  But as the waves rise up from the ocean and develop as very large or even small waves, we begin to see some of the power and magnitude that exists within the ocean.

But, you wouldn’t look at a wave and say that it is separate from the ocean.  You would see it as part of the ocean.  But each wav e is a unique expression, like a fingerprint.  There are no two waves that are identical, but they are still entirely connected to the body of water from which they arose and became expressed.  Thus, a wave becomes an extension of the ocean but is not apart from the ocean.

This is what human beings are… This is what we are as individuals.  We are like the waves on the ocean.  Each wave representing an individual… Each wave, even in the size or magnitude, is not more useful than any other wave to the entirety of the concept of the ocean.  A large wave does not get more respect than a smaller wave in terms of the idea of the ocean and the purpose that it fulfills.   We must recognize for ourselves that it is not about magnitude or quantity or shape, but literally about the unique expression extending from the whole.  We should learn to look at ourselves as a wave from the ocean… Every wave has a unique purpose, one of its own, unlike any other.  Yet each unique wave is still connected to the whole idea that manifests the ocean.

This is where our individuality lies.  The kind of the wave that we are and create in life is contingent upon our desire to create motion and action, to generate movement in our life.   It isn’t about the size of the wave, as the ocean knows no difference in the purpose of any individual wave by its size.  Some of us are more content in the everyday life without spectacular recognition for the things we do.  As a matter of fact, very few are singled out for great recognition for their own uniqueness.  We find contentment in the purpose that we fulfill in our life knowing that our Creator sees all elements of the universe as purposeful.  All human beings are purposeful in creation’s eyes.  Therefore, no one human being is better than another.  There are certain people who may accomplish more, who may fulfill more, but it doesn’t make them better.

What we need to recognize for our own individuality is what kind of wave do we want to be?  There are certain times in our life where we are the expression of a big wave with great movement and power… We engulf things.  But other times, we just want to express as the little, quiet wave and go with the flow, connect to other waves and create movement in combination with others.  The size of our wave is not as important as recognizing that we never separate from the idea of the oneness of the ocean.  We are still always connected to the wholeness and oneness of the ocean.  That is how we maintain our individuality yet recognizing that we never separate from the one idea which we all come from, which is creation.

The expression of love is the greatest achievement that any one of us can make… That expression can be the little wave of love or the large wave of love but always in repetitive motion of waves.  We never stop manifesting the waves for our life which create and unfold our destiny… Which lead us to new opportunities and endeavors on the current of the ocean.  Don’t get caught in the expression of just one kind of wave and think that you can’t manifest a different expression of a wave, and what that wave can create flowing in the ocean of life.

We must always be connected to our source while recognizing our individuality.

Have fun with this application and walk throughout your day and see if you can recognize what kind of wave you are today… Are you a wave that rises and falls, or one that is consistently smooth and rolling? What kind of wave are you flowing in right now?  What is the flow of your life?  This will tell you what kind of wave you are… If you are building something, move slowly… Let it be a wave that builds momentum, starting small and swelling to a crescendo.  Don’t overpower your own life by being too big of a wave for your circumstances.  Find out which wave you are right now, and connect to the whole idea from where the expression of the wave came.  Don’t ask for more and don’t seek less.

Know that the wave of your life is really there for you to assess to find out what kind of motion you should be creating.  It’s a balance, and the frequency of everything around you will indicate what kind of motion you should be in.  Go with the flow… We’re all unique but we’re all part of whole.  Don’t ever separate from the idea that you are one with creation… Recognize that your expression is unique to you but you are always connected to the whole universe all the time.
Much love,


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