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Daily Application March 17, 2010

March 16, 2010

March 17, 2010

Fervor/Passion is the theme for today…

Make a list of the things you love to do, or think about the things you love to do… Take note of something you love yet have not been active in that love for a while… Bring the lost love back into action… If there is something you love and you have not been participating in it, then make time for your love… If you have an activity that you are in and have lost the passion for it then reactivate your love for it by remembering why you do it… By remembering life is about doing the things you love. Ask, “Where did my passion go? What are my passions today?” Rekindle your love… Make a commitment to do something you love then after that decision visualize how you are going to enjoy that passion – see yourself having a great time with your love – see it vividly, you all your senses to attach to it… Savor the idea of doing it.

Then, when you get to participate in it remember your recall, to put fervor into something you love and look to be fulfilled in that activity. If what you have chosen is a way of life, then start right now by grabbing a spiritual principle that you are going to apply today such as: Listening.   Just listen to life and take time throughout the day to just listen to life all around you… Listen to people talking and hear the unheard, see the unseen by not saying a word and just listen.

Take today and make a list of people you love and call them and say something nice to them with passion… Tell the ones you love how great they are and how they are a part of your love for life… They help you to stay happy in this world… Call someone you have not spoken to in a while but you care about and let them know you think of them often and that they are always with you… When you get done with this, take note for your life that you have expressed passion for life and keep the fervor going into another area. Even with something you may not like to do see if you can put passion into it… After all – who can’t put passion into something they enjoy… But what kind of soul can put passion into the things that are not so appealing… A soul that can be happy wherever they travel because they bring the passion with them… Show some passion today with a smile… Try smiling and laughing as much as you can today.  Don’t wait for passion – make passion with all that you do today and see how you won’t tire and the time will just fly by with a smile…

Remember, everybody responds to passion!  Have Fun…

Much Love,


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