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Daily Application April 1, 2010 Beauty, Truth, Love, Rhythm, Balance

April 1, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beauty, Truth, Love, Rhythm and Balance

That which you can know you cannot see and that which you can see you cannot know…

Today’s app is to look for the unseen and seek that which you can know: Beauty, Truth, Love, Rhythm and Balance are commodities that can only be known… When you experience the truth for your life you cannot show someone that truth in you… But you can tell them about your truth… When you look at something that is beautiful can you point to the spot that signifies that beauty?  No, but you can describe how it makes you feel…

When you find the rhythm of a situation and are able to go with the flow of it… Can you show someone how to go with the flow?  No, but you can tell people how easy it is when you get into the rhythm of a sport you play like golf or tennis, running and so on… We call that getting into the zone….

Today that’s the goal, over all, to get into the zone and realize beauty, truth, love, rhythm and balance and then acknowledge:  “I am in the world of knowing not sensing.”  Realize there are two worlds we live in all the time, and learn how to navigate in and out of them… That is the world of sensing and the world of knowing. All cause lies in the world of knowing… Practice balancing your day today with these principles in mind and you will find that you wont fatigue as easy and your energy will remain positive and uplifting…

Most of all have fun… Love yourself better then anyone else could…

Much love,


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