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Daily Application April 2, 2010 What Questioning Means

April 2, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Learning to find out what questioning means…

Questioning:  I had to learn and recognize how many things I question in life…  And then, of course, how many subtle ways I question things and don’t think that I’m questioning things.

The manner in which we question things and how we go about doing it everyday in our lives must be exposed because of this simple truth:  when you question anything, that which you are questioning is in jeopardy of being cut out of your life.

When we truly understand this truth, we’ll realize that it is time to stop questioning our lives.  There is the obvious questioning of things that would go like this:  “Do I want to be with my mate anymore? Are they the right person for me”  “My job is unfulfilling, I don’t want to do it anymore I want to do something else. I don’t know what it is I want to do, or who it is I want to be with but I can’t stop questioning what I am doing and who I am with.”  These are the belligerent questions that are always asked but never seem to get answered because the things we are questioning just disappear… Think about it and look at anything in your life that you’re not involved with anymore like a person or a job.  When you look at these things and you can recognize when you started questioning them, then you can track how soon after that they disappeared and grasp the severity of what happens when you question. These are substantial events that you can track… How about the not-so-substantial things that you’ve questioned… Things that could have lead to unlimited possibilities but they disappeared because you questioned them?

You see, when you question things you start to distance yourself from them…  Yet you don’t disclose that you’re questioning them because that wouldn’t be appropriate.  For instance, “Hey Boss, I don’t think you should be the Boss anymore, I should be the Boss.”  Or, “Hey, babe, I think this person would be a better mate than you.”  You don’t say it but you think about it…   You would never say it to your mate but how many times do you look at someone and wonder what it would be like to be with someone else? These are obvious forms of questioning that most of the time we don’t even recognize that we’re doing that can be devastatingly destructive…

What about the subtler questioning that we do all day long?  We have no idea how much they affect us, not the person place or thing that we’re questioning and we’re completely unaware of it.  Here’s a good time to ask a question, “When I question people places and things, how does it affect me and the way I am towards them?”   What happens as a result of questioning things is we have to start wearing faces around those things… Which is sort of like the tosspot calling the kettle black…  because what we’re usually questioning about people places and things is the integrity of how they operate and how they are… In other words, how they’re not the genuine articles, because they do this wrong, and that wrong, or this situation isn’t right… It’s funny-peculiar how we are the ones who end up wearing the faces because we’re the ones questioning and hiding it from others.

Then another effect of questioning, after you question something long enough, you start to negatively gossip about it…  Now you have brought the negative energy into your life.  That which you started questioning because you saw something negative has become the energy of your life… Gossip has to be looked at as negative energy… When you talk negatively about anything it is a polite form of murder by assassination… When you talk negatively about anything you’re killing it.

On the subtler questioning, on a personal level, it can range from “You drive too fast” or “You drive too slow” to “You always leave a mess.”  “Yeah, you did good but I could’ve done better.”  “How come you don’t caress me anymore?”  “How come you don’t do nice things for me anymore?”  “Why do I get less salary than this person or that person?” “How come that person didn’t call me back?”  Now I need to pull my feelings back”  “I bet you they’re calling other people back but they’re not calling me back.” “I don’t like the way my mate dresses.” Or the way they live…

When you question, it creates insecurity in you… Not the person or thing that’s being questioned.

You need to ask your Creator, God, to help you see where, when and how you question people, places and things… The best place to start is in your close personal relationships and at work… The kind of questioning we’re looking for is the kind we keep in secret…  When you find yourself questioning anything or anybody, ask yourself this “Do I want whatever I’m questioning to be disappear from my life?” Because that’s what going to happen if you keep questioning it.

On a second note, if you’re trying to come to believe in a Power-Greater-Than-Any Human Power or trying to live in trust with your God, your commitment is to God, to be close to God and know that God is guiding your life and every aspect of your life… So how can you expect to have true intimacy with your Creator, and you have made a commitment to trust that everything that is in your life was put there by your Creator, and yet you question so many areas of your life. You can’t…

I found that for me, if I really wanted to have a close personal relationship with God, in order for me to truly see God’s will in my life, I had to know that everything that was there in my life at that time was there by the will of God.  Everything that was not supposed to be in my life would go away by the grace of God… Not by Self Will… Therefore I concluded that when I was questioning anything in my life in a negative way I was questioning my God.

So today be yourself and when you find yourself wearing a face, know it is because you are questioning something and thus you are questioning your Creator….  Take everything as it is and as it should be and watch the magic of your Creator at work in your life.

Much love,


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