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Daily Application April 9, 2010 A Way Of Life

April 8, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Way Of Life…

Think about it…  What is our greatest asset if it is not our selves?  That is a deep thought.  It is one that we should all contemplate as making it a truth… How do I make the recognition of the greatest asset in my life being what is inside of me?  Not me, but what is inside of me…  How do I realize it?  By living it… By recognizing, “You know what? No matter where I go, the greatest jewels that I have lie within me.”

Those jewels are a way of life… They are spiritual principles that have guided me, that have been put together by some of the greatest minds in the world, that have been accumulated, and gone further than the people who wrote them, who aren’t even alive any more.  Now, can I take these truths and make them even greater? Because isn’t that what they did with their forefathers, and their forefather’s forefathers?  Is it not our time to take these truths and make them greater?

The truth being:  Live a way of life that is a good life, and don’t assume that you know what that is.  You must learn what that is.  To learn a way of life, you need a code of conduct, which is something we all should have.  It should be something that every person could relay to another person, that being the basic code of conduct that they live by, why they live by it and where they got it.  Every human being should have their own code of conduct.

Imagine the world we’d live in if we were truly our greatest asset because of the code of conduct that we’ve adhered to, which has created a life that we never thought was possible but seems to be getting better all the time.

Trusting in that is difficult… Trusting in that process of “I’m okay right where I’m at.”  That right now I know for my life that I am happy.  Otherwise, we’d all be short-changed.   It must be the ability to be happy today while I build a better tomorrow.  Better relationships… While I heal myself to recognize what a better relationship is so that is all that fits.   Nobody else has to change, see?  I’ll change.  Because I have a way of life…  I recognize that when I change, everyone around me changes.  They may not actually change, but the way I look at them changes.  For some reason, when you look at somebody differently, they act differently, they talk differently, and they feel differently about you, because you are different. That’s how we approach each situation in life.

Sometimes you need to sit back in life and wonder, “Do I have a code of conduct?”  Do you have a way of life that can guide you through thick or thin? Who doesn’t need one?  And if you don’t have one, look how successful you’ve been without having a code of conduct, without any order… A code of conduct creates order.  It creates discipline.  It creates structure.  When you lose structure, order and discipline your life becomes so unmanageable and you wonder what it’s all about.  Maybe that is why people take their lives, because something is missing.  It has always been said that the something that is missing is a message, that everybody can have, that everybody can live by, that is understandable by every single person.   The benefits start right now…

That’s what this way of life is about.  That is what’s happened… This life has been accrued from the principles of the 12 Steps…  It has been said that I have been able to translate these things into modern language.  That it was written in a certain era, a certain time, with a different vocabulary back then, a different structure.  It’s meaning is not the same.  We use different words today.  So, in effect, the 12 Steps had to be modernized… But who could do that?  It’s got to be done collectively and that’s really how it’s been done.  I don’t think I’ve put down anything more than collective information that I’ve gotten from living a way of life.  But, I had to take that print of the 12 Steps and break it down and go further.  Into the layers and layers and layers of it to find out, “What does it mean?  What is it saying?”  And that exploration changed it, but then didn’t change it… It just gave it truer meaning.  And that is what I’m translating to you.  That is what I’ve learned to translate, that message that people say I’m so familiar with… that message that we’re talking about that is a Way Of Life.  It’s not that complicated.  It has an order form, but it has to be translated.  That’s the key.  Everybody needs it translated because every human being – think about it – translates it to the best of their ability, not their worst.

If you want a greater life then you have to find greater information and knowledge than what you’ve got.  Or you’re not living the best life that you can.  Maybe it’s worth reaching out for something that can give you that, and that’s what this message does.

This message and people who carry this message… You recognize them… You can hear them, they speak to you… And that’s what we’re all learning to do.  That’s what a way of life should do… It should make it so that you are understandable by everybody.  If it’s a good way of life, everybody should understand it.  If it’s a good way of life then it shouldn’t be that hard for people to learn.  But, it had to be modernized.  I’ve just been discovering this… that the modernization is coming through, in a way, through me.  Not in an arrogant way, but in a hard working way… I’ve learned to translate this message and turn it into a modern form.  There is a way of life for anybody to understand because I’ve relayed it in a way that anyone can understand.  Most importantly, it resonates and it is something you can touch right now.  This message is organic… So it’s alive… Anybody who touches it becomes the lifeline of it… That’s why it is such an amazing message and therefore, everybody can have it.   No one is blocked out.  No denomination…

No race, creed, color, social status, economic status – none of it – can block you from this message.  Other than your pride and your ego that says, “I don’t need this.”  And you don’t even know what it is.

If it is a way of life, I’d be, “Okay, I’ll check that out!”  If someone is bold enough to say “It’s a Way of Life,” I’d think that all people would be saying, “Alright, let me check that out!”  How many times do you hear that these writings and this message is a Way Of Life that you will listen to or read that will give you a code of conduct that makes you feel good about the world you live in, and anybody and everybody can understand it?

I don’t know…  I’d jump at that personally, wouldn’t you?

Much love,


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