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Daily Application April 14, 2010 Give 51-100%

April 13, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Give 51% to 100%…

Always give 51% to 100% when it comes to seeking fulfillment for your life today.  So much of our energy can be spent in seeking fulfillment in the future.  For instance:  “When this thing happens it’s going to be great… When that thing happens it’s going to be great.” Or looking to the past for why we aren’t fulfilled today: “If only that hadn’t happened I’d be so much better off.” Or “If only I had done that differently things would have gone better.”

We always want to maintain the natural drive to improve the quality of our lives… But, we don’t want it to become our sole drive… We want to maintain 51% of our energy for our lives as they are and the things that we love about our lives as they are today.

151% love,


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  1. April 14, 2010 7:14 pm

    Thank you. 110%

  2. tamela permalink
    April 14, 2010 1:09 am

    Great! With this application I now have balance. Time to build and time to enjoy what is….Thank you KC!

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