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Daily Application June 3, 2010 Guilt…

June 2, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Highlights from March  2010 TLC Workshop in Burbank

Why do we feel good and how do we recapture it?

I get everybody else’s approval so I can get my own… We needn’t wallow in excessive remorse… We justify the feelings that we created.

If I’m afraid what I have to say to you will hurt you, then I can’t be true to me.

How much did I get instead of what I didn’t?  How do I get out of me so that I can enjoy life?  What happens when people don’t react the way I want?  I have a lifetime of living with ideas that didn’t work that I have trouble giving up.

The flow you’re looking for is inside of you – and so is the block.

You live in a world of simplicity and consistency.  Sometimes you share feelings without a resolve…

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