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Application… ? June 7, 2010 Assets and Blame: What have you found?

June 6, 2010


ASSETS and BLAME… What have you found?

There are two applications for you:

1.     Look at how many times you blame others for your feelings and behavior.

2.     Look for one thing you love each day and focus on that all day long.

Do you have any application to share with others on these?  Please post!

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Much love,


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  1. anonymous 2 permalink
    June 24, 2010 2:43 pm

    Beautifully and Clearly explained Shirlee. I took a month off to just roam in the woods and birdwatch and work on practicing the things that i read here and elsewhere. I’m in an environment where it is easy to experience beauty in moments- and because you are in such a beautiful natural environment it is a bit easier for me to see when i veer off into all those old ways of thinking. Wow am i ever opinionated this morning. I remind myself that I am here to experience beauty. And it comes in spades. Oh my godness two fledged gray jays one on each side flying along 6 feet away. I heard a program recently on CBC Radio (Canadian broadcasting) called “Beauty will save the world.” Can’t remember what wise person said it.

  2. Shirlee Jack permalink
    June 10, 2010 6:37 pm

    The second question is intrinsically related to the first. When we focus on what we love to do, even the most seemingly mundane action or experience, we become a force for light and life. Thus we are less likely to fall prey to fruitless or harmful energy-draining thoughts of blame, guilt, shame, etc., which arise out of feeling disconnected from our Creator. Whenever we blame anyone, including ourselves, we create suffering. This is when the familiar prayers are invaluable. The Serenity Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer- “…forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…” Another lifeline when I’m stuck in negative thinking is to ask “Well Shirlee, how much more time do you want to spend wallowing in this muck? When do you want to lighten up? ”

    After meditation I start off the day with specific prayers for balance in all aspects. I strive to set certain intents to accomplish this goal. I pray for honesty with self, life, and others in taking responsibility for my actions. I am also responsible for choosing whether and how I act upon feelings that come up. So I set the intent to acknowledge whatever the feeling is, then consider what response will be in my best long-term interest. Since getting upset or distracted by details is one of my habits, it is imperative for me to start the day praying to remember my place in “the Big Picture.” When I forget and slide back, it’s time to ask Creator to help me get on track again.

    By setting the intent to do one thing that is my heart’s desire for the day, I take responsibility for my own emotional well-being. It must be something that does not depend on anyone else. Even a moment of consciously and intentionally allowing myself the gift of pleasure in some arena of life is empowering. Acknowledging this accomplishment at the end of the day helps me recognize that I am created to experience pleasure and to master being in physical form.

    If we are created in the image of our Maker, we honor Him/Her by our conscious seeking to experience Beauty. When I think that I’ve failed, plans went awry, I chose to indulge in one of my addictive behaviors or thought patterns, then I must ask forgiveness and recapitulate the day seeking at least one thought or experience that brought satisfaction, pleasure, or even delight. If that experience did not cause harm to anyone, then I know I was in alignment with God’s will for that moment. Since aligning with the Will of my Creator is my over-arching desire, the goal will have been accomplished whether or not my original plan happened.

    Beauty surrounds us always; it’s up to us as individuals to get out of our own way so we can experience it and enjoy being alive. Being jealous of others for their ability to do so only takes me further into despondency. Some keys to conquering energy-draining thoughts: rigorous honesty, daily conscious intending, forgiveness, and remembering that any feeling in any given moment is just a tiny piece of the big picture of Life. Then I can stop taking myself so seriously, laugh at my shortcomings, stay relaxed and focus on enjoyment of being alive. Some days are easier than others, but over time it’s getting easier, lighter, and life is well worth living!

    Yikes – this got really long! Which is yet another cause for laughter. It really is good medicine.

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