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Application for January 17, 2011 Desire Perfect Moments

January 17, 2011

Desire Perfect Moments…

Open mindedness to perfection is that you can be the person that you have always dreamed to be. You can build toward that person you have always dreamed of being and you are that person today that you’ve always dreamed of being. You have to be that person now even with the flaws that are with you now. Always want to strive for more…That’s what a perfect objective is: striving to be better each day. Open mindedness to perfection means that you can become a character that lives in the day you’re in and there are no defects to be looked at… There’s nothing wrong to be looked at right now.

Even though you have more to learn to become a better soul, you have to find the perfection in your life now…

Recognize those days when you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s important to take note of that because that is opening your mind to perfection. Perfection is achieved in the moment you’re in… That’s all you get. Perfection is not as complicated as we think it is…Perfection is to feel exceedingly content and fulfilled in the moment that you’re in where nothing else is necessary but that moment. How else could it get any better than to be in a moment where you’re smiling with a loved one…where you’re hugging a family member…you are in a relationship and connecting to that relationship… When you’re having that moment you’re not thinking about anything else…You are just engulfed in the moment that is happening right now… You in fact have opened up your mind to perfection and you are participating in it.

Be entirely ready to have a perfect moment right now… It must be a defect of character to not realize that you are entirely ready to have a perfect moment right now. Stop thinking of perfection as being out there in some distant event… You must plan to see perfection today if you want perfection today. Make a brand new venture into open-mindedness to perfection… Look ahead in time… Ask your self where today are you going to be that there might be an opportunity to have a perfect moment? Like being with a loved one or doing something today you love to do … Look for the moment today when you’re having a perfect moment and recognize that you have been entirely ready by inviting in the universe to have a perfect moment. Be able to recognize what perfection is… Look in your day and see where the moment is. We always focus toward something we’ll enjoy and we walk towards that by putting the energy to have perfection in that activity… Learn to harness that energy and look in the day where there will be moments where you’ll be exceedingly content and fulfilled.

Have Fun…
Much Love,


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2 Comments leave one →
  1. lori silverman permalink
    May 18, 2011 5:50 pm

    HI K.C. & Laurel,

    awesome. u rock TLC. i sat and kept my desires to distract one each word it rocked time being succinct in my life xo

    With love, lori

  2. Lori Thomas permalink
    January 19, 2011 11:30 am

    I wait with excitment for each new post on the TLC website. KC your messages resonant through me. As I stand here in this moment, in this day, right here in this spot… Nothing could be more perfect. Feeling peace, love and contentment and oneness with the universe right now.
    Love you for all you give, I am blessed that you are in my life.

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