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TLC Application 06|05|2011 “Turning Time Into Our Friend”

June 5, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Turning time into our friend…

Learn to look ahead in life toward the next five to ten years with excitement like we did when we were teenagers. When we were young, we would always look ahead with excitement about what we were going to be doing when we were older. And then when we were in our early 20s we got all caught up in wondering how we would provide for ourselves, what kind of life we would get into… Then our 30s we are in young adulthood and raising families, babies, which makes us feel young. And then there are those who spent their 20s drinking and using drugs, “partying,” and hit their 30s and time starts to turn on you at this point. So, you know for the first one-third to maybe even half of our life, time is our friend and then all of a sudden time changes, seemingly overnight, in my case… We’ve heard about it: time is running out all of a sudden and instead of looking ahead for excitement and where we are going, we start to really look for security for our future and maybe our children’s future, and to realize that people die. The first part of our life is unfolding and the second part is refolding. Then the thoughts of death start to incorporate in one’s life… the idea of death and it’s subtle…

We all panic and when human beings panic from fear and we don’t know how to recognize what has happened…You know what we end up doing, we run. This is what people talk about, that mid-life crisis. And we run and buy cars and get boyfriends and girlfriends and all that stuff to try to find ourselves through our bodies again, and that’s never going to happen… We run away from ourselves and reach for anything that will make us feel better… This is where the body is degenerating so there is no way to gratify by acting extemporaneously because the body doesn’t respond the same way. Because the body doesn’t respond the right way, we have a psychic split… This process has been referred to as the mid-life crisis. What it should be called is a time crisis. So there is a chance of treating what causes the fear… At this stage we should be mentally, spiritually and physically at our peak, but as our body degenerates this is when we continue to grow mentally and spiritually… The solution is to concentrate on mental and spiritual growth… This is where the fountain of youth lies.

In life we must find the cause of our problems and solutions… When you find cause you find choice.

This is important to remember… Not just with problems but also with solutions that we discover in life… Who does not feel the need for a solution book that we can refer to in any time of need? This can be largely enhanced by a conscious effort to record our findings in life, if not on paper, at least in a conscious effort… Through a journal, would be the ideal… But, what we must make is a conscious effort to keep a list of solutions active. In the old days, elders related stories to keep their truths active and the secrets to their lives and how to maintain harmony and order … They were storytellers and that’s how the history was carried forward and the lessons were learned, and the lessons for people to learn. There is a lot for us to teach other people by taking forward all of our solutions that we learned in life… What we need to do is reflect on the wisdom and knowledge that we’ve acquired in the first half of our life and recognize that those experiences will guide us on the path of our life in a more surefooted way than if we didn’t grow from those experiences.

More importantly, as far as fearing the future goes… Look ahead with the same excitement that you did when we were younger… As you get excited about the time ahead of you and what you are going to do, and what you are going to create, equally you should be excited about the knowledge that will guide you and teach you how to appreciate the time more than you ever have before…. Your knowledge gives you more insight about how to maximize and enjoy your time going forward… No longer is life a guessing game… But, now with the knowledge that we have we will know the actions that we will need to take based on a value system that has come from deep spiritual experiences. Visualize as far ahead as you want… At least do it in one to five or five to ten year increments… Keep scheduling things for the rest of your life like there isn’t enough time… That’s what you want to feel like but only in the excitement of what you’re building… Giggle and smile when you think about the future… That is how we turn time back around into the same friend it was when we were younger, is that we’re able to look ahead with excitement about the endeavors we’re going to take… Just think, if you have been growing in this message, what will you be like in one more year in this message, and you realize the possibilities are unlimited… If you have not embraced this message and the transformation of change, take this message…

Do it now and make the commitment for one year and live by this message no matter what and watch where you’re at and learn to make time your friend, and turn it toward your assets, and watch your life transform magically.

Just like we did when we were younger. Nothing has changed other than our perception of it, and with the skills and maturity that we have today time, actually, by structuring our future is real, not wishful thinking like when we were younger… Because we’ve matured we’re no longer filled with the delusions of grandeur or unrealistic desires… Our fantasies, our excitement about what’s coming, are real. They’re real because we’re making decisions from real experience and real life and this gives us a method and a power to create a life that we don’t think can get any better, yet God keeps making it better all the time.

Much love,


This material is copyrighted and owned by Thought-Life Connection (TLC) and is not to be reproduced or used without the author’s consent. © 2011
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