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TLC Application 06|06|2011 “Making The Unnatural Natural”

June 6, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Making the unnatural natural

To change is to create art.  This requires us to make the unnatural natural and the natural unnatural.  True art is the art of change… Think of learning to play an instrument, or to become a painter, or a playwright or poet, or an architect.  To learn how to use the tools that make art, they must become a natural part of your body and make the unnatural feeling of that tool become natural.

To change according to soul desire you must also make the unnatural become natural. 

The greatest art a human being will ever create is the image that they leave behind in the people that they’ve touched. Also the greatest achievement, I believe, that a human being can accomplish is to uplift and help another human being. This is what makes Alcoholics Anonymous so special. It would have to be considered profound when you realize that the leading principal is one person helping another. So, to take a society of people which have created mass destruction in their lives by taking and being selfish to the worst degree and are outcasts by their family and friends,  and then see them enter into recovery and live by the life-code of their main purpose being to help another alcoholic is to make the unnatural natural.

So, when we’re trying to make a life change… to become the man or woman that we’ve always dreamed of being… we must surrender to the fact that we have done our best, not our worst. This is a very important principal because it requires us to not trust what comes to us alone until true change has set in through the grace of spiritual principles applied to our heart and soul. And what that means, as we embrace the idea of true change, is our natural inclination to go to our minds for our life has to change. And our unnatural inclination to reach out for an act of Providence in our minds, which is to make that inner voice that is within all of us synchronize with the inner voice of God which is in all of us, must become natural. Our natural response of negativity… of pessimism… of fault finding… of being thin-skinned… of injecting our erratic emotions on everyone around us… the inability to stop reacting… all this must become unnatural now. This is a building process. Just like Beethoven, one of the greatest composers known to man, in order to become the brilliant musician that he was, he had to play the first note. That first note had to become natural to lead to the second note… So it was not just any note it had to be a super natural note for Beethoven only, in order for him to express the beautiful music within him. We all have a magical super natural note within us that can be accessed with a Method and a Power to manifest true change.

When we are trying to embrace the idea of change we do not want to waste our precious soul desire energy and strike notes all over the place, like by attaching to a new spiritual fad every ninety days.  This human behavior is called emotionalism and will not produce any kind of true change. It is natural for us to look for shortcuts… This must become unnatural. What that means is there are no quick fixes and we have to stop trying to make things happen that don’t feel right anymore or don’t come together in a natural way. We have to fight our natural inclination to live our financial, emotional and spiritual lives betting on the Come… And make patience, acceptance and perseverance the natural attributes for our lives.

It has to become natural to be in conscious communion with your Creator… It has to become natural to not react to situations anymore and come from soundness…It has to become natural for your mind to become still and quiet.  It has to become natural that you hear the unheard and see the unseen in life…. Which means that your intuition will naturally guide you to sources of inspiration for your life.

It will become natural to find the positive in situations and not see the negative… It will become natural to make clear, clean cut decisions without doubt. It will be a natural state to be at peace with yourself and your surroundings… which means it will be natural to love yourself just as you are right now while you naturally build a better character for tomorrow. 

Super Natural Love,


This material is copyrighted and owned by Thought-Life Connection (TLC) and is not to be reproduced or used without the author’s consent. © 2011
Photo credit: c. All rights reserved by Listener15
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