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TLC Application 06|14|2011 “Self-Searching & The Instincts” Pt. 2

June 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Self-Searching And The Instincts…

Part Two

As we reviewed in Part One, the instincts drive us, and once an instinct drives us it produces a concern, or fear.  And there are only two kinds of fears:  the fear that we will not get what we want or the fear that we will lose what we have.  When we are in fear, we act in defects because we’ve now created a Demand, a false dependency.  When we are overly-dependent on a relationship, or overly-dependent on what people think of us, or overly-dependent on financial income to provide security for our lives, then what we’ve done is entered the realm of Demand.  And the Demand is proven by too much excessive worry, anger, or self-pity, or too much sadness.

It is a very insightful yet tricky process to learn to recognize how we place demands on our creator, or God, or the universe, by the characteristics of worry, anger, self-pity and depression.  When we enter into that mode it doesn’t feel like we’re demanding from the world to “fix it,” but if we stay in those emotional states we are literally saying to the universe: “Fix my problem or I’m going to stay in bad behaviors and bad feelings.”  That position will not produce anything more than more bad feelings, behaviors and energy.   Once we realize this we can surrender to the way that we operate and that we’ve created a Demand.

Doing this Self-Searching allows us to reaffirm the truth:  That our ultimate dependency is always on our creator, or a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power, for everything… For where we should be and where we shouldn’t be… For what does go away, or for what’s meant to stay… Or what is supposed to come into our lives or not come in…  Our ultimate trust must be on our creator to have a fulfilling life… To find our destiny there has to be that element of trust.  There has to be a manner in which we can back that trust by the application of being able to recognize when we’ve entered into a Demand and apologizing for that state, because we have a bad attitude that is not going to do anybody any good.   It won’t produce the results that we want and will, in fact, create results contrary to what we want.

When we enter into a state of Request then it is just a petition.  We can make a request and society recognizes that and gives right back to us what we ourselves give. Like in a social setting if we experience anxiety, our Society instinct is driving us.  Well then we be happy, smile at people, be kind, considerate…  We think about what other people might need and this will change us and make us more comfortable.  This is the Self-Searching that helps us to identify which instinct is driving us at any time.  Where we can find an application for social anxiety and be nicer to people to neutralize it… In finances, what action can we take toward a solution?  What can we give to our mates and friends to create a happier relationship and better interaction?

We need to stop living in a world where we are worried about what we can get and instead find out what we can give. 

This puts us in the proper state to know what our creator wants us to be, which is a co-creator.  In every moment, to the best of our ability, it is always important to ask, “How can I co-create with God?”  Part of the co-creation is Self-Searching so that we can make sure that God can get inside our hearts and souls to rearrange any concerns or troubles that we have.  By the Self-Searching process we are able to open that door that had always been shut.  It is the door to our subconscious, the door to our real drives in life.  Now we can open that door and allow our creator to come in and give us insight into what actions we can take to create a resolve or solution.

Self-Searching is a very important process.  Have fun with it!  It is something we should be doing all day long… How are we feeling, how are we doing right now?  Are we managing our incomes, are we living on a good budget, and are we adhering to it without griping and moping?

It is a great principle to live by that we need to stop trying to change the world or change the conditions of the world, and learn that the real solution, the real art to being happy in life is to change ourselves to meet the conditions of the world as they are.  Whether it be a personal relationship, finances or our status in society, how can we change ourselves right now, by our attitudes, thoughts, feelings and actions right now, to have the harmony that we want in our lives.

If we keep waiting for the world to change we’re going to wait for the rest of our lives.  But if we want to change the world we change the way that we look at it.  When we change the way we look at the world then the world changes right before our eyes. 

Have fun with Self-Searching and know that the true art of life is to know your own self.   Use these tools to Self-Search to learn about the instincts driving us and creating feelings, and if those feelings are negative, that they will produce negative actions and we will act in defects.   But, if the instincts are normalized or neutralized the way our creator would want them, it produces feelings of harmony, passion, and excitement.  When we have those feelings, then our actions are based in humility and integrity and we give rather than take.  This is the true art of life and truly being happy.  Changing our selves to meet any condition so that we can be the happiest we can be in any given, or giving, moment.

Much love,


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