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TLC Application 06|15|2011 “The Big Picture” (Align With A Full Moon)

June 15, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The big picture…

The world becomes so small when we look at our lives instead of seeing the big picture.

Look at a full moon…  It really signifies something other than us.  That moon is 250,000 miles away.  We know it.  Internally we see all that…  We don’t just see the moon, but we see the vastness of it all.  It’s important to realize that putting our lives in the scope of those planetary alignments… The way worlds are formed and galaxies take shape…   What really are all these problems that we sit in and bog ourselves down with, how do they weigh out in the scope of that kind of dynamic broadness? 

We need to seek out these things like a beautiful full moon and align ourselves with it instead of living in our small problems…

Much love,


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