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TLC Application 06|30|2011 “Seed Of Self-Destruction”

June 30, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alignment with the seed of self-destruction

An unreasoned distortion of judgment is when we perceive something in a very stark, negative way that has no justification other than a moment when we see something that we don’t agree with, and decide to attach a distortion to it that makes it more severe than the reality of what is happening.  It may be so severe that it is a hurtful opposite perception of what is really happening. Like when someone says “Can I help you?” and we react like we’re being told that we’re not doing something correctly, when they just want to help and be of service to us… The alcoholism is when we take something and twist it into something other than what it is, and we react to the twist… we twist it into something that it is not… and we do this in a negative way.  It is an active alignment with the seed of self-destruction that changes our perspective and causes us to twist things into something they are not.  And then, we attach emotions to our perception, and then the emotions become so overwhelming we’ll do anything to shut them off.  The emotion creates a physical charge that makes us unruly, disagreeable, jumpy, anxious, edgy, erratic and uncontrollable. Then our minds convince us that we’re never going to be able to escape from these feelings and this state of consciousness, that we’ll remain in this state and we’ll never get out… that it will get worse.

Once this process starts, our energy starts to flow to the most severe trauma that we’ve ever faced.  Those of you who are non-alcoholic; the process is just the same.  You would refer to it as past trauma thinking or injury thinking.  Once it enters this trauma thought-realm it starts to generate an incredible amount of anxiety and fear that the trauma will happen again in this current situation. So it compounds our concerns, our fears, and our worries because we’ve brought forward the trauma in our past lives through distortions of perception in our current lives.  This process repeats itself over and over again in an endless cycle or repetition, infiltrating every area of our lives. Scientific America states that the average human being has 64,000 thoughts a day… Just imagine how quickly this injured thinking can overtake all of those thoughts…

We are describing a state of mind because everything the mind perceives is affected by the state in which the mind is in.  It’s the same process for each and every one of us. We feel the pain of three traumas: we defend ourselves from our past, we are afraid of repeating ourselves in the present, and we conclude that our future is going to get worse. This energy undermines any kind of balanced life that we try to sustain.

We’re looking for the kind of thinking that’s too aggressive, that passes a critical judgment out of nowhere on someone or something… We’re looking for when our mind is in a very savage state and looking for trouble: trying to stir the pot, getting in the mode of “everything is going wrong.” When we find ourselves in such a stubborn mode that even when someone tries to show us something nice, we refuse to allow ourselves to connect to it. When we hear that voice that says to us that we’re totally messed up right now… The voice that says everything is going to fall apart… The voice that says to you that you don’t have it together… The voice that tells you “Oh you are such an idiot. You are so stupid.”  This voice is very hard to hear.  You’ve got to ask your Creator to allow you to help you hear this voice in order to become familiar with this voice, so that you can disengage from this voice.  And you must become familiar with how these thoughts spring into your consciousness and how you attach emotions to them because you are attracted to these kinds of thoughts.

That’s right: as impossible as it seems, we are attracted to these kinds of thoughts… We are attracted to attaching energy to these kinds of destructive thoughts for there is a momentary sense of false power before the seed of destruction turns itself on us.

This is when we enter into that state where our lives have become unmanageable. There are three states of this unmanageability: there is the mental state that distorts our view about everything in a negative way; the emotional state where we have low energy and it seems that we’re in a state of sadness all the time; and there is the physical state of colds, illnesses, aches and pains, and the lack of ability to get up and move or get anything going.  This unmanageable state is what we surrender to as the power of Self. When we find ourselves in this state we must surrender to the fact that we have taken our lives back into trauma lives, into fear lives…. Therefore we have taken ourselves to this state:  where the world we’re living in doesn’t look good or feel good and we don’t feel good.  We are out of alignment with our Creator and anything good our Creator could possibly represent, and have aligned ourselves with negativity or injury or the injured Self.

So the key here is to get back to your Creator, and offer back everything that you have taken back… piece-by-piece…. Thought by thought and feeling-by-feeling we change our perception of all situations in our lives into what your Creator’s perception would be for you. We take our Creator back to our past and we see where it has brought us to a new relationship with the God that we have understood today and the method that shows us how to embrace life today. Everything that lead us to this new Power, method and life now makes sense… for we have learned to transform our past into assets and opportunities of growth that has created a character today that is walking humbly under the grace of God. When you become aware of negative thoughts and negative feelings, immediately offer them to your Creator. Emmet Fox talks about negative thoughts and negative feelings being like enemy soldiers. If you pick them off in the open field they’re easy to eliminate. But if you let them burrow in, they can take forever to get out.

Remember you always need your Creator to help you in this process of awareness.  If you exert yourself in maintaining a conscious contact with God or your Creator you will be more likely to become immediately aware of injurious thoughts and feelings.  And when you ask for them to be removed, perform knowing that they have been removed.  There’s always a positive charge every time you make these kinds of connections with your Creator.

This can be a fun and exciting internal application, so enjoy it… It is meant to be enjoyed because it means that you’re on the spiritual path and manifesting a positive psychic change.

Much love,


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Photo credit:  Katachthonios All rights reserved
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