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TLC Application 07|05|2011 “Spiritual Checklist”

July 5, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spiritual Checklist…

If you’re feeling a little off-track… things have been a little dull lately… nothing seems exciting at all… you find yourself arguing and feeling kind of irritable… everybody’s bothering you…

We should all have a spiritual checklist that we use from all the way when we feel like we’re getting caught up to a scared realization that we have fallen into depression… and we wonder how long this bout of depression is going to last this time… or maybe it seems like in the last few years it’s just been overall a sad state of depression that you’ve been going through… and you can’t even remember the last time you’ve been happy.

Of course, this is an opportunity to look at both spectrums from I’m a little off kilter to I haven’t been happy in years. “I haven’t been happy for years” means you have lost all perspective and is a total lie… and this is what is called absolutely Pride In Reverse… where we can beat ourselves into an extremely unhealthy state of life. As far as losing perspective do not evaluate your life in big brush strokes about how you have been feeling for years when you are in a negative or dark state. This is not the time to do a moral inventory… as a matter of fact this is the time to not do a moral inventory. After all, you’re never going to solve a problem in your worst state that you created.

So, let’s get back to a reasonable perspective… and let’s say you’re a little off track right now. First things first: How is your communication in your mind with your Creator been lately? How often have you been feeling for the presence of your Creator in your mind? How often have you been asking for thoughts from your Creator… what kind of thoughts from your Creator that you should be having in your mind? When was the last moment that you checked your feelings with your Creator… to ask if these are the feelings that your Creator would want you to have right now about this person or that relationship? How has your spiritual reading been… how much spiritual reading have you been doing lately? How much quiet time have you been giving yourself lately to meditate? Who have you been talking to about your emotional state in your life right now… have you been reaching out for help? Have done an asset list lately? Are you recognizing positive things when they happen and maximizing the good feelings out of them? Have you been talking to people about good things going on in your life? Is there anything that you’re passionate about or are you creating anything in your life… like what is your current creative endeavor right now? Have you been expressing love to the people you love in your life lately? Have you been living in regret about something in your past?

Have you done anything nice for anybody lately? If you’ve answered yes when you should’ve said no… and answered no when you’ve should’ve been answering yes…. Then you now know what to do.

First Action First is get back to talking to God right now in your mind. Maintain as much communion as you can on a conscious level for the next few days…make a conscious list of the assets in your life that have come together over the last year. Ten assets a day for seven days is what the doctor is ordering. Start your reading today… read some form of a spiritual book today. After your reading leave yourself equally the same amount of time to contemplate what you just read… for you will learn more in contemplating one principal for a half-hour than the information you could gather from a reading a book full of a thousand principles… the knowledge you gain in the half-hour of contemplation would not even fit into a thousand books of information. Make sure that you make a connection to somebody who knows you and knows what you’re about… and let them know about the commitment you have made to raise your conscious contact and to improve your spiritual growth. Let them know the checklist you’ve created for your life and make a commitment with them to stay updated on this checklist. Make sure you do something nice for somebody else today. Trying to get back on track on your own is next to impossible since you’re the one who got you off-track. We all need outside help… plus when you ask people to join your endeavor to be happy and grow spiritually you help others to want to do the same thing. So, don’t be shy about including other people on this kind of endeavor… you’ll be surprised at how many people have been waiting for you to reach out to them.

We all need a checklist that gets us back to where we want to be… have fun and don’t ever be too hard on yourself. Remember… nobody should love you more than you have learned to love yourself and nobody should be giving you more love than you have learned to also give yourself.

Much love,


This material is copyrighted and owned by Thought-Life Connection (TLC) and is not to be reproduced or used without the author’s consent. © 2011
Photo credit: Pat Law
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  1. Lori Thomas permalink
    July 5, 2011 3:51 pm

    Ahh. This makes my heart happy. Thanks KC for your time and energy. You are an amazing man and I am blessed to be a part of….TLC.

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