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TLC Application 07|06|2011 “Domino Effect”

July 6, 2011

 Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Domino effect in threes… You touch one defect you touch them all…

When we look at the elements of dysfunction we should consider the Ego, the Power of Self and the Malady of the Mind…  If you act in any one of these elements, you trigger the other two… This is the domino effect…

The Ego is the reactor in terms of our responses… Ego is our knee jerk reaction that stimulates snapping at people… Misinterpreting their statements… Being frustrated if there is any delay in terms of the request we have made…  When we find that all people are just bothering us… When we find the way people talk, it bothers us too… This describes the thin-skinned element of Ego… This all creates moodiness and rapid mood swings… We’re in the Ego when our tendency is to stay irritable… Then if anyone inquires about our mood or indicates that we’re being edgy or moody… That’s when Self steps in to diagnose and justify our behavior or our vulgar, offensive words…

That’s why we must stop self-authorizing dysfunctional behavior and thinking.   It must be unacceptable today, because once Self starts to authorize bad behavior then the Malady will come in wanting more dysfunctional behavior in a more perverted way… The Malady will always manifest a physical response… The malady will spur a physical allergy… Check your chemistry after you get angry…

We illustrated acting in Ego first then Self and then the Malady followed… Now let’s suppose Self acts first and we are walking around acting in total self-righteousness, which is Self as an authority, and we believe our self-righteousness is justified because we align ourselves with what would be perceived as a positive affiliation… like a fundraiser or like a spiritual movement….

Let’s take religion for instance; this is an area where people can formulate a very strong belief in their self-righteousness in the name of a religious movement.  Generally speaking, people who will attach themselves to these kinds of venues can fall for being very righteous with very little psychic change… Most are asking something for nothing… Therefore they believe that everyone around them should participate with the same excitement as they do because of how good it would be for them…  But in reality the goal is to get other people to convert and believe in the same way, so that their new beliefs can be reinforce.  Now, this is the hidden element of the destructive forces of the Ego that doesn’t want to do the work unless other people pass the test that the Ego has created…  So, if anybody questions them in their belief that is exactly when the Ego will step in and throw an instinctual dagger like… “I’m trying to do something with real depth. When have you done anything with depth lately?”  Obviously, one can see how two Egos would be beginning a great battle… From this point forward this kind of interaction could create a war.   This in turn, would trigger trauma and the Malady Mind would follow…

That’s why you can’t allow this mechanism to get started… Pain will get out of control before you can get a handle on it…  Another way of stating this is that your life must become important to you… What that means is that we cannot afford one wrong thought… Because of what it can lead to…  I know this sounds like perfection, that’s not what we’re talking about… The purpose of explaining it with this kind of depth is to strengthen our awareness and our surrender of how one wrong thought can spin our lives out of control for months, even years…

Too often do we minimize our bad thoughts, feelings and actions without realizing how serious this is.  In reality, how many wrong thoughts do you have before your life has completely gotten out of control?  That’s why we can’t afford one wrong thought…  When you touch one, you touch them all…  When you touch one trauma, you touch all traumas… When you touch one fear you touch all fears… Ego, Self and the Malady will attach to anyone of these opportunities, consciously or subconsciously. 

Knowing that we cannot afford one wrong thought indicates the intense need for a Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power to help us with our thoughts, feelings and actions all throughout the day that we’re in.  To increase the strength of awareness of these disorders, we must constantly invite that Power-Greater-Than-Any-Human-Power into our source, which is the center of our minds.. As a way of life…  This is what will help you to enter a world where you can’t wait for the next great thing to happen in your life… The minute you think it can’t get any better… You look up and God has brought something into your life that blows away anything you think you’ve ever known… This just keeps happening over and over and over again… There are infinite sequences that are strung together in repetitive cycles, which represent the energy of God’s endless love for all of creation…. And all those who wish to share in it… All you have to do is choose… Becoming aware of how your mind goes into the gutter gives you choice.  If you’re not aware then you have no choice.  Awareness is built by desiring to have God show you when you go off track… That’s it… Once you ask the rest will happen and your awareness will begin… Then you will KNOW what your mind is and how it functions.

Much Love,


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  1. Lori Thomas permalink
    July 6, 2011 9:22 am

    I suppose it is human nature that makes me imperfect. A soul lost, lonely, sad. Disconnected from God. All these things I have felt, all are of selfishness, lack of a broader understanding of what “really is”. Today I do not touch those defects of character. I look to the light, raise my head, breathe in deep and realize all is good the way it is. I do not have to prove anything to anyone. Because what I am is simply a representation of the “heart string” of God. Finally (at least for right now) my body, my thoughts are all connected into a positive harp like instrument. Ah the music is good, sweet, loving, gentle and kind and happy is God intended it to be. I have walked through a mighty storm and now I see the glory of life. Thanks TLC for giving me direction.

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