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TLC Application 07|07|2011 “Plan It” (Vision Script)

July 7, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Plan it…

If you’re living in fear or worry it’s because you don’t have a plan or outline of a solution… So if you are in anxiety about a situation, create a plan to address it. You will know you’ve found the right plan because the anxiety has lessened or gone away as you devise a plan of action.

If there is any problem we have in life, we must first quiet the disturbance, and when we’re in a balanced place, then map out a plan of action on how to resolve it. You can do this for a relationship, work, or even getting sober… You need a plan to get out of what ever is creating the worry, anxiety or constant concern for your life. Sometimes it takes a great deal of energy as you walk toward it, but you must be looking for a plan and desiring to know what that is.

Ask your creator to show you that plan and parts start to come together. As the signs come, just ask your creator for a specific idea of how to materialize that plan and what action you can take toward resolution of a concern. As it comes to you, write it down… And then as you take action on that plan, the fears, worry or anxiety will subside and passion will take the place of those other emotions. It should be a plan that feels purposeful and is achievable by you where you are at right now… Not a plan that you feel subjected to or are in compliance to, because if you don’t want to do it then it’s not the right plan. The correct plan will make you feel invigorated to see the plan come to fruition, to come true. Each step you take where you see the vision fulfilled will create passion. If the passion is not there with each step you take in progression, then it’s not the correct plan and you need to re-evaluate and investigate what the next steps are, and where your happiness lies.

Your dreams can come true, but you must be able to articulate them. You must be able to see them.

If you can truly see a dream, you should be able to write down how you are going to go about achieving that dream. So, you write down the entire dream that you have, no matter what it is, and then ask yourself the question: “Is it realistic?” Is it accomplishable? Like getting a college education… Anyone at any time or any point in life can go get a college education. That is a four-year or six-year plan. But it’s a plan, and one that starts the minute you decide to enroll. If it’s the right plan for you, you’ll feel a sense of excitement when you enroll, and when you map out a plan and a timeline for that plan. If it’s realistic, then it has to now be given a timeline… Like if it is a four-year, or five-year plan to get a college degree, it might get stretched out, but it doesn’t change the plan. Lay out a time line that is appropriate for what you can actually achieve.

We don’t want to overload our selves, take on more than we can do. Then the plan would not be appropriate, and creates fatigue and wear-and-tear. Then we don’t finish things because we mapped it out the wrong way and tried to achieve things too rapidly. A true plan does not have to be rushed. There is no desperation in a true plan…

So we have this plan that is realistic, is something that we can do that we are capable of, and there is a timeline created, then we want to create the baby-steps to enact the plan. Again, your creator will give you the indicators of what you need to create and follow the plan. As those indicators come to you, write them down. They will branch off into other venues or areas to manifest the plan. They’ll be little steps but each step will feel good and thus you know it is the right step. This is what creative imagination is all about… We’ve all heard, “You can’t build a house until you can envision what it is.” You cannot have a life or dream until you can see what it is. As you begin to write the plan, you’ve taken something from the idea world and given it form… Giving it form brings to reality… The minute you put it on a piece of paper, you’ve taken it from the idea world into the three-dimensional world. It’s gone from the fourth-dimension to the third-dimension by your own hand, in concert with your creator. Once that is accomplished and on paper, if it makes sense and is achievable then it creates passion to achieve the plan.

Make sure your plan is achievable and make sure you look for signs from your creator. Be patient… Know the real signs will come, and when they come it is connecting to that omniscient mind indicating which way to go. Even take a small portion of the plan… Maybe we don’t see the whole plan… And get the spark of inspiration for what we could achieve, and write that out and break that down into little steps of just that part.

This is proper use of our creative imagination. Let it unfold inside of you. Have fun doing it. Create the vision of what you want. I call this the “Vision Script.” It can also be called a goal-setting plan. But, it has to have fundamental principles that are used that guide you on how to achieve it. The basic fundamentals are: What is your dream? Is it a realistic dream? Create a timeline. Break it down into manageable steps. Look for signs of intuition and inspiration from your creator as you move forward.

There will be more on this coming soon…

Dream… Have fun…

Much love,


This material is copyrighted and owned by Thought-Life Connection (TLC) and is not to be reproduced or used without the author’s consent. © 2011
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  1. amber gabel permalink
    July 7, 2011 11:43 am

    That effing rocks thank you for taking your time out to help others. See you all next wed.

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