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TLC Application 07|08|2011 “The Most Creative Time…”

July 8, 2011

Friday, July 08, 2011

The most creative time of your life is while you sleep…

…because that’s when you ask the universe for answers.  In order to enter into the 4th dimension you must forget the body. Obviously, while you are asleep you are completely unaware of your body… This is the time when all questions can be answered and all ideas can come forward.

If you notice just before you go to sleep you enter into that lucid dream state where you’re half-awake and half-asleep… This is called the alpha state.  The alpha state is a state where you are unaware of your body but you are still conscious.  When you are in this lucid state, you feel creative.  All kinds of ideas float around just before you go to sleep… There’s almost a euphoria as though you could create anything you wanted in your mind. When you enter into a deep sleep you leave that lucid state but the idea world and the answers still exist in that state.

All this is to indicate that prior to going to sleep is the time to think of all the questions you have for the next day’s events.  Not the next day’s problems… Next day’s opportunities or events… Next day’s opportunity to solve problems, to not worry and to create more…. So we can ask questions to get solutions to issues in our lives, but we must stay out of worry for tomorrow and only ask for solutions.

Any question you have and any idea you want can be given to you in the fourth dimensional world while you sleep.  All you have to do is desire answers to the questions and the concepts for your ideas before you go to sleep knowing that you cannot get the answers until you go to sleep.  This law is very important to remember… You cannot get the answers unless you go to sleep.

And then, when you awake in the morning, find a quiet place and desire to re-collect what the answers are to your questions or the concepts to your ideas and they will come.  You must desire to recall what you were shown or told while you were sleeping.  It will come in the form of intuition and inspiration… Or it may very well come in words or images… This covers the full spectrum of the possible ways to receive your answers.

But remember the principle that we’ve all heard: Ask and you shall receive… knock and the door shall open.

What we’re always asking for is the knowledge to achieve our soul’s desires, and the pathway to which to be guided.  In God’s universe, do you not think that God would make the most of all moments and not just the waking moments? Because in God’s universe there is no life or death… There’s only transformation from one state to another state, or if you prefer, one body to another body.  We live in a body of action all day long, and equally we live in a body of rest all night long.

So, as much as you create in the day you also must create in the night…

Sleep tight…

Much love,


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2 Comments leave one →
  1. edyta permalink
    July 8, 2011 11:09 pm

    sweet dreams K.C.

  2. Lori Thomas permalink
    July 8, 2011 7:50 am

    Really inspiring application today. As I woke up this morning and called forth my soul.. Simple answers came to me that I have been waiting on. Your guidance and ability to help me reach into the depths of my soul… well I can not put into words my appreciation and gratitude. Today’s answer for me was as simple as the old cliche “Bloom where you are Planted”.. Love you KC.

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