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TLC Application 07|18|2014 “Regret Is Self-Doubt”

July 18, 2011

 July 18, 2014

Regret is another form of self-doubt…

What are the reactions to the actions?

I forget the good along with the bad…  When I don’t do what I intend to do, there is regret.  That regret causes more inaction.  Look back to learn not to rearrange  There is no more regret.   If I look backward with regret, I project regret forward into my future.

We are the victims of unpredictable, intense feelings. I am unaware of my mind, my emotions run me.  Can I accept that I run from all my feelings?  Can I see the connections from erratic emotions to the cause of the feeling?

I love me for who I am now… I need to be good to me.  ”God, can you teach me how to be content with me now?”

The first fruit of meditation is emotional balance.  Differentiate between feelings and thoughts… “I feel like you’re telling me a lie” is a thought.  I can’t trust my feelings.  What is the truth for my soul?  What blocks me from my soul are my thoughts, which are unharnessed.

This week give 100% of not getting down on yourself or judging yourself

Much love,


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  1. Lori Thomas permalink
    July 21, 2011 9:33 am

    Since 12/17/2006 I found myself living in a state of regret, remorse and self-pity. All those emotions were driving me (to drink). I am learning that today I can not rearrange or change the past. I know that my future happiness is based on my spiritual connection with God as I understand him. I have gone through so much (as we all have) these last years and I am taking back and opening up my mind and soul to the beautiful opportunities that await me.
    I could not be writing this if it was not for alot of self-evaluation and if I had not found TLC. The principles that I am learning to apply in my life are worth more than the weight of gold. I can not express how grateful I am. Thank you for your TLC.

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