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TLC Application August 1, 2011 “Life And Death… The Illusion”

August 1, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life And Death… The illusion…

Our fears of death are not necessary… We must explore what we term as death… What it means and find a comfortable idea of what exactly death means to each individual.

There must be a simple concept… I believe we look at death as complex and take life for granted. We live and breathe in life and we exhale death… Every night we sleep we are in the same state as death because when we sleep we are unaware of our bodies, which is exactly what death is… When our bodies no longer function we are unaware of our bodies for a period of rest equal to our period of action… We live in a universe of balance: Action | Rest, Expansion | Compression… Everything is cyclic. Day follows night, night follows day… Either way they are opposite conditions that constitute a whole day, not a half day.

Our bodies are not who we are… We use our bodies until they transform. At night, our bodies are transformed into a charge mode. During the day our bodies are transformed into a discharge mode. When we breathe in we charge our bodies… Out is discharge… This happens in a shorter cycle than when we sleep, but is exactly the same process… When our bodies die, they enter a longer charge period than when we sleep… Let’s say in the law of balance you live for eighty years in action… The law of reaction to balance all actions means it would be logical to say you would rest for eighty years when it comes to creating a new physical body… Your body must have an undivided half that is equal to your divided half. That divided half is the body you use here on earth… The undivided half is the idea of you, your soul seed that desires a body then flowers to unfold and spring forth the body that you now have… When you are done with this body and it no longer functions you will return back to your undivided soul seed until your soul desire for a new body can unfold another body for expression through your divided half…

See, there are no endings… Let’s take the “idea” of water, which is inferior to the idea of what you are; you’re a soul centering your body. Your soul represents the idea of you… Now, let’s take the idea of water… A body of water and put it in a cup then put that cup of water outside in the sun… If you come back in a couple of days that cup will be empty… Now, would you say that cup of water died or would you say that cup of water transformed into vapor? The idea of water remains but that body of water has transformed into vapor… Now we can’t see the vapor because it has passed beyond our sense range, but we know the water is still there in vapor.

Just like the body of someone we love when it passes on:  we can’t see their body but the idea of the one we love still exists…The idea of them will always exist in the ones who loved them.

Now back to the cup of water that’s transformed… The vapor winds up into clouds… You wouldn’t say the vapor died. You would say it transformed… Then the clouds bundle together to make rain, which falls back to earth to create beautiful brooks and streams… They in turn become rivers, then rivers flow into the ocean. The brooks and streams dry up, but you wouldn’t say they died… They just transformed. Now you return to that empty cup, after a rain storm and it’s full again. Would you say that water has been reborn or that the body of water transformed back into the cup of water? Or maybe a little of both…

Where did it begin and where does it end? Just like you… Where do you begin and where do you end? After that storm, that cup of water sitting outside… it looks the same as the first cup of water, it smells the same but you know it’s not exactly the same cup of water… That’s what reincarnation is… Transforming from our undivided half to a divided half given to us by mother Earth and father Sun… The sun projects its rays of death leaving the sun then is transformed by space and our ozone layer converting long sunrays into short powerful life-giving rays to be mothered here on Earth creating life from the seed of the sun… Then the Earth unfolds bodies and gives back to space in vapors of death and decay… Only to be reborn again with life-giving rays from the sun… This happens with endless cycles of suns and their children… Like planet Earth that came and was born from our sun…

We live in a world of perfect balance… Everything in our three-dimensional world is always balanced by it’s other half: Hot | Cold, Compression | Expansion… Radiation/Gravitation… Each is seeking to become the other in endless cycles by loosing themselves in each other and then finding themselves in each other over and over again.

If you live in a human body for eighty years, you’re probably going to rest for eighty years, which could be termed as a state of sleep… Like we do every night when we sleep: our bodies could be termed as dead because we are not aware of our bodies while we sleep, yet you could say your body has transformed into a charge mode while we sleep and when we are awake we could say our bodies have transformed into a discharge mode, where we dispense energy into the actions we take throughout the day. All of these statements mean the same thing… The power of anything is in the idea of that thing not the body of that thing… The idea of anything is a whole idea… The idea lives on forever, all idea is eternal… The idea of you is your soul… Point to where your soul is in your body, you can’t because your soul is eternal…

You could say that we die each night and are reborn each day… You could say we breathe in the life of oxygen and we breathe out the death of carbon dioxide around 12-15 times per minute and without having to think about it we stay in a balanced equal interchange. So, how many breaths do we take in a lifetime? Where does my breath begin and where does it end? My first breath leads to my last breath… My first breath or my last breath, I won’t remember either one. How many times have I breathed in and how many times have I breathed out?

Death is nothing to fear because there is no death in God… There is not but Love and Life in God… Ye are all of God…

God is much Love…


This material is copyrighted and owned by Thought-Life Connection (TLC) and is not to be reproduced or used without the author’s consent. © 2011


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  1. Lori Thomas permalink
    August 2, 2011 7:18 am

    Beautiful Application K.c. Each wave that comes to shore recedes back into the ocean. All I have to do is walk along the shore line and I can feel and experience exactly what you have described in words. My purpose is to remain in balance and harmony with all that surrounds me. Peace.

  2. jay p permalink
    August 1, 2011 5:54 pm

    Just wanted to say how deeply I appreciate you work. Love you like a brother. Just when I found myself trapped in my today your blog post popped up on my email. A little reading and a little meditation later and presto back in the present feeling balance and bliss. Thanks KC

  3. marcsworld permalink
    August 1, 2011 4:11 pm

    awesome. Been goneeeee wwaaayyyy to long aagggaaaaiinnnnnnn. Have been listn CDs, Sermon on Mt, 12X12, ETC, the goods for a few months finally. Iv stay the good road, but do need to stay way more with constant study, application, & practise. Thanks…

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