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TLC Application August 2, 2011 “Every Fear Ends In Death”

August 2, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Every Fear Ends In Death…

When you seem to be caught up in life and you think everything is repeating itself, think again… Remember this moment you are in, including reading this daily app, has never, ever happened before… Think about it… Think about how we take this for granted when we are in a state of sadness too long, or we get into stress too often, forgetting that this moment has never happened before.  Our whole lives can and do change in one day.  We may have done things to institute change that then lead to the moment of change.

But change is going to happen all the time… Why do we spend so much time fearing things won’t stay good when things are going well…  Or fearing that things are only going to get worse… Because these are the two fears that we all have in life… That’s right, there are only two fears in life. Not that big of a deal when you think about it.  So, we must learn to deal with them and expose them for what they are to take the power out of them.

One other thing to consider when you’re not feeling well and you’re afraid that your life is going nowhere: Every fear, when you take it all the way through, leads to death. If you’re not dead, then all fears are not real, they are self-created. Take flying, for instance, and going broke. Two fears most people can relate to… Take them all the way to the end and you will realize they’re nothing more than bogey men that can be dispelled the moment you look at them with truth.  If you can’t get out of pain then it’s because you can’t see the truth and somehow you have created a scenario that keeps the false fear driving you…

Fear of Flying… What are you afraid of when you say you’re afraid of flying? I am afraid the plane is going to crash and I will die… This is a false scenario unless you have been in a plane crash and died how could this fear be real or justified?  Then comes the other part: “Well, I don’t like not having control when I am in a plane… I feel like my life is in someone else’s hands and that makes me afraid that we could crash and die.” Even when the statistics are explained, the fear still remains… What is the real issue?  The real issue is that people are not afraid of flying, flying is just where their fears have decided to place themselves for them… In other words, fear is running in people all the time and flying is one place that they can point to… No one can tell them that’s not acceptable so the fear goes unattended. How about the people who are afraid of sharks and they’re the kind of people who never even go in the ocean… So, how could they be afraid of sharks unless they have had a bad experience with sharks?  Yet how many people have you heard say, “I am afraid of sharks” or “I am afraid of suffocation.”  Or, “I hate snakes they creep me out.” This is just fear using these venues to express unattended fears…

So get in touch with the moment you’re in and look at your fears, express them and take them all the way through. Then take the power out them… See how they are way too severe… Quiet them down with your Creator and ask your Creator to show you the truth about your fears and start to use the term “concern” rather than fear in your life… Don’t mistake fears for concerns.  In other words, I find it a lot easier to look at problems in life as concerns rather then fears… I may have financial concerns but I don’t want to have financial fears… For when I am in fear I cannot move and I cannot be positive… When I don’t have the ability to move, I cannot take positive action… So I become negative and then I create more fear, unreasonable fears that make me freeze and not want to move… Then I cannot see a solution because the solution needs to be too big of a solution…  Once again I have made my problems bigger then they are.

When fear is that strong it starts to create that which I fear the most and my problems get stronger… What I need is for my solutions to get stronger, not my fears… So stop thinking about the problem and with God just keep thinking about the solution…

How can I adjust myself to my current income and how can I make more money… That’s it…

So stop… Keep it simple if finances are tough. Remember you probably have not been homeless in a long time…LOL!   And when was the last time you starved because you couldn’t buy dinner… LOL. I know this sounds severe but practically speaking it is not.  Because I watch people’s fear eat at them and create behaviors of desperation over situations that don’t call for desperation… Like depression or constant worry about every penny that goes out. This energy creates anxiety and more worry which is generated by fear… Then fear creates more worry… Stop the cycle now and trust in the actions that you take.  Remember this moment has never happened before so what are you going to do with it?   Worry? OR trust in taking the right actions, knowing that the right action is the key to good living. And understanding that my fears need to remain concerns and not to stew on them so they become fears that drive me away from the moment I am in, and the beauty that is offered to me all the time… These are the times to stay close to our durable qualities that we have in life like our friends, family and close ones. It does not cost money to hang out with the people you love… Love always removes fear… So love this moment for what it is… Stop looking at your life from your body and look at your life from your heart and soul… Most important when you are looking at yourself… Make sure you are looking at yourself with the Love of God in your heart…

All Fears lead to Death so if you are not dead then your fears are not real….

Much Love,


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  1. marcsworld permalink
    August 2, 2011 11:16 am

    this was aqesome. Due to my lak of constant practise, I feel, I faild mah self. I’m on the correct Spiritual Path for a few months, now; things have been pretty awesome. Every time I listen to any old prime time CD, something; or many new things are revealed. When ever I loose keys, wallet, my Kodak video camera (goes w/me everywhere xcept bed), I eventually find i’v put them in some new safe place. I found the only way to find these things is to have a calm mind!!!! Same in all lost & confused areas of MY life dreams, desires & goals. Not much will get done by my own means. If I don’t change, my past will be my future” (T. Bratter, RIP)-be kind to ur self & keep merciful thoughts towards all…

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