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TLC Application August 5, 2011 “What Is A Surrender To Someone Not Addicted?”

August 5, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011


What is a surrender to someone who is not addicted to drugs or alcohol…

The thing about surrenders is that they all have one thing in common: they are relative to each individual… Throughout life we all experience a surrender to one thing or another… Then there are always those monumental emotional imprints that they leave behind… That is how we know we’ve had a surrender…Because we’ve been imprinted for life…

We’ve all had to surrender to a relationship with someone who didn’t care for us much as we cared for them or we end up with people who stalk us or haunt us because we didn’t care for the same way… We call this our first heartbreak/ broken love… Then we discover in life that more than just romantic relationships break our hearts… There’s the heartbreak of losing a job we really wanted to keep…. there’s the heartbreak of losing a family member, a loss of life… These moments are moments that change our lives forever and can create violent emotional twist that discolor our personalities and alter our lives for the worst…

There’s no way to bypass pain or grief because of broken relationships or heartfelt disappointments… But there are good ways and bad ways to handle these life-changing moments…

As we begin to grow in life, part of the maturing process is to accept the reality that life and relationships are constantly changing all the time… That life is fluid and is never stagnant… We can begin to look for ways to deal with these moments that arise that are part of surrender to the way life is… By doing our due diligence in life to be aware of the life-changing moments as they are unfolding rather than after the fact… You might say something to yourself during these times like “I am having a soul-changing experience.” By recognizing that we’re having a soul changing experience we are allowing ourselves to have a peaceful surrender to what is… By allowing it to sequentially unfold in a normal manner… By learning from the experience what our part is in creating that experience… To truly capitalize on the surrender – which is a by product of realization that comes from the pain – we do not use this painful energy to beat ourselves up or to aggravate our mourning… This energy needs to be steered at the cause through realization of the cause… The only time we can ever change or learn from these painful experiences is to find the cause within us that created it, surrendering to that cause and voiding that cause by taking the opposite action of that cause. To create the change within ourselves we must harness the pain and steer it towards the commitment of change… repeatedly over and over we must steer this energy toward our commitment towards spiritual, mental and emotional change.

The specific change that we need to implement will come from the knowledge of what caused the painful experience… This is how we capitalize on a surrender…

The wrong way to go, in these life-changing moments is the path that a lot of us have a tendency to take, which is to run… which means to not deal with it, to look the other way… We refuse to recognize the trauma that’s unfolding in our life… This is where many of us bury our head in the sand until the damage is so severe that we have no choice but to respond to the consequences that have been administered to our life… This is what’s called living in a state of penalty, where the only time that we change or there is any kind of change of direction in our lives is a by-product of a massive amount of penalty and circumstance… If you feel that your personal relationships are a constant repeat performance of the same characters over and over it’s because you need to change and you have not surrendered to the change you need to make… If we blame other people for our troubles, we cannot surrender to the truth… Which is we are the creator of all our own troubles… We must surrender to that which is within us that keeps creating our troubles over and over again… This is where our injury lies… this is where the malady lives… in what we refuse to see about ourselves that keeps creating the same life we don’t want over and over again…

So capitalize on your surrenders by taking them forward… In keeping the surrenders alive you must never compromise with your ego… If you don’t capitalize on the surrenders by taking the right action you cannot keep the ego smashed… If you’re not taking the right action the surrender has lost its momentum… It will not be long before the ego returns to present a fear… One instance would be that you are in a relationship again where the fear arises that the person you are with is not reciprocating the same feelings that you’re giving them… Or the reverse where the person you are with is seeking more than you want to give… When enough of these thoughts enter your consciousness, subtly and elusively, the fear starts to gain true momentum… Each thought is fuel for the fear… Fear is a power because of the emotions that come with it… Just as emotions do not last if naturally allowed to pass, by the same token, if you keep giving them energy they will grow stronger and stronger until they have power over you… This is when we enter the realm of obsession… Obsession by definition terms, means no will to resist its demands… This is what defines dysfunctional relationships: they become obsessions… We can become obsessed with any painful relationship… Even ones from our childhood… We can obsess on the pain of those relationships as an adult and what we are doing is recreating the trauma of that relationship over and over again… After all, how many people have you heard say they married their mother or father?

In recognizing the dysfunctional cause of these relationships, if it does in fact go back to our childhood, which, of course, it usually does, we must expose that injury today by acquiring the tools necessary to learn to self-search… Those tools are the tools that are being given to you in these Daily Apps… and in these truths being relayed to you from my life to yours…

Surrender is the energy that motivates us to embrace the tools that are necessary to expose that which needs to be changed… To heal that injury from the adult man or woman that has been awakened and created and built, which is to say, been elevated to a new consciousness… Which has guided us to spiritual and scientific principles… Spiritual principles guide us to a power that we all need that is greater than any human power… That power that we all must individually come to believe in… Is understood by each individual using the key principles of this power being omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent… Then we learn to run every thought, every emotion and every action by this power greater then any human power… Then there is a new power that comes into our lives and it is called sanity… This is defined in our lives by soundness of mind, emotion and action in the moment that we’re in… As we align ourselves with this power in the moment we’re in… The scientific principles are those of modern psychology which teach us how to self-search… About healthy and unhealthy emotions in our personal and worldly lives…

Once we know the difference between a healthy life and an unhealthy life, all we need is the power to help us make the right choice… It is in surrendering that we are reborn into the universal power from which we all come…

Much love,


This material is copyrighted and owned by Thought-Life Connection (TLC) and is not to be reproduced or used without the author’s consent. © 2011

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