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TLC Application 2011-12-27 “Don’t Forget How Far You’ve Come”

December 27, 2011



Don’t forget how far you’ve come…

When we get on a spiritual path, what does that represent? Where are we headed? We’re trying to head to a place where our lives are all new.

There is no “old.” This represents spirituality, where there is no reference to the past. We no longer reference our past trauma and injuries. The reason we don’t reference them any more is because we’ve moved past them. We’ve dealt with our history. We’ve looked at those things that have happened with our fathers and our mothers… our significant relationships and how they’ve affected us… what affect they’ve had on us and what affect they can have today… They can potentially spark up. We don’t have to live in that anxiety any more because we’re able to be aware of it right away.

This means we’re on the right path. When we have awareness, we have choice. We’ve dealt with our past… it’s time to move on. Yes, if something comes up we look at our past because we’re continuing to make a “searching and fearless inventory.” But there has to come a point in spirituality where we have really, truly departed from that midway point of looking in the past or looking to the future: past-future, past-future… or even past-present, past-present. A point where we’re actually more in the present than we are ever in the past.

As we move on this path, we realize we have no reference for anything that is going on in our lives today that is still coming from our past. We’ve entered that new realm: the 4th dimension. We’re in the realm that we’re designed to be in: We don’t know what to do but we can learn and we have a way of life that guides us in the day that we’re in. But the things that are happening in our life today don’t have any past reference so they become new.

Now our past won’t be our future because we’ve learned to live enough of our life where the present is new and there is no reference to the old. We have truly come to a spiritual way of life and begun to walk that path. It’s a freedom. We’re dealing with emotions when things come up and we’ve crossed that line: now we deal with things for what they are.

We have to consider all facets of life.  In my own life I have faced that I am at the midway point of my life. I don’t want financial prestige any more. I want security. So there are things that come up in insecurity: “I’m getting older. Maybe I’m not as good any more.” They’re all lies… I’m better than I’ve ever been! I know more than I’ve ever known. So how is it that the more experience we get we start to enter these stages where we wonder if we’re going to continue to get paid for what we’re doing. Not only should we being getting paid for what we’ve been doing, but the value that we bring and the experience that we have cannot be replaced with money. Each year you are at that business, company or endeavor, you’re better than you’ve ever been. I have to own that and I have to know that I have to progress. It’s always about progressing. It’s a great point to enter in my life where no longer is my past something that I’m trying to fix or bring forward into today. When I’m going through something today, it may be of concern or a problem but is has no reference to yesterdays.

I have arrived! Now I’m in a world where I choose to live today for today, for what comes in my life today, with nothing else attached but what is there. That’s being able to be in the now, be present and be in a spiritual way of life.

Much love,


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  1. Jess permalink
    December 27, 2011 10:21 pm

    Wow! I so want to live freely in the present. Thank you for continually showing me how KC.

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