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TLC Assignment 2/1-7/2012 Contemplate and Define Step 1, Paragraph 1

February 7, 2012



TLC ASSIGNMENT for the Week of February 1 – 7, 2012

Look-up the definition of the words you connect to within the first paragraph of Step 1 on page 21 of the 12×12.  This week, look for opportunities to apply the principles behind the words you’ve defined.

Turn It Over…

This paragraph is about Self-Honesty to Self and learning to realize in our day, in our lives, that we have an unreasoned distortion of judgement. Contemplate what that means and look for it in the day that you’re in. Develop an awareness of unreasoned distotion of thinking.

Look for an unreasoned distortion of judgement so you can fulfill the “act of providence” by going to god with it and asking for it to be removed, to be realined. “God, can you help me to rearange it so it becomes a reasonable thought” is the first application.

A thought is behined every feeling. When there is any feeling of unease or discomfort look to an “act of providence”. You must become impartial to your own thinking. “God, where would you have me be right now mentally? Where would you have me be emotionally right now? Ive taken it back and im trying to manage my own life again. Im giving it all back to you.

” This is the affirmation: “I don’t want to manage my own life. I offer it back to you.”

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 11, 2012 7:02 pm

    Hi guys and girls,

    Having to be shown that I have to be a complete defeat in everyday living really is a humbling act, I know now that it’s something I can go to without reluctance(willingness).
    God will get me there before I destroy relationships when i’m aligned properly with his will for the solution.
    The space that’s in between that is where me or I or ego is and i’m happy that, that space with affirmation of Gods presence is gone, a thought of anything less would be self, That’s one of those hard pills to swallow / one of the first high hurdles to get over,
    Thank you God for your presence in me to rearrange my thoughts so I will have reasonable thinking. Rito

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