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TLC Assignment Feb. 15-21, 2012 “See the Flip-Flop, Flip It Back & No Questioning”

February 17, 2012

TLC Assignment Week Feb. 15-21, 2012

Look for the Flip-Flop

See how many times you can apply the principle of Step 3, make a decision to turn your will and your life over to the care of God as YOU understood and make a decision to not Flip-Flop.        (12×12 p37 “The moment our mental or emotional independence is in question, how differently we behave.” Where do you question that your self sufficiency or independence is at stake and take back your will?):

God’s will/my will

God sufficiency/self sufficiency

On track/off track

See when you flip-flop and then apply willingness to bring it back. See if you can note when you take it back and when you make a decision to give it back.

Make this week’s goal- No questioning. When we question the things that were brought to us, like a spiritual advisor or relationships; we’re questioning God.


No flip-flopping today…

I am dependent on God until things don’t go my way and then I take it back… Not good… No more.  Today I will look for when I flip flop, when I take it back… Ask for your God to show you when you take it back… “The minute my mental or emotional independence is in question how quickly I take it all back”…

Look for the moment when somebody or something does not go your way and you get upset and say something nasty or mean… Look for the feeling of everything being Ok then BAM you’re not Ok and you want to hurt something or someone.

That is the moment of change when you make the decision to stay with God and don’t take it back.  Your will is to stay with God… if there is something good there find it.  See how fair-weathered you are about your God and don’t be that way anymore… learn to trust.  Learn to stay no matter what.  Find the asset, there is one there.  Think of how many times you have taken it back and started yelling or being upset and not letting it go.. Staying in anger making things worse.  This time check your self. trust in your God and stay on the good path, don’t go south… You will be looking for the moment when the fight starts inside. that is the moment of flip flopping…

“Apply willingness” it is the application for treatment on this issue… Willingness is something done without reluctance.

Trust that God is here and do it without reluctance, for it is that quick to enter hell.  One moment of reluctance and you may not make it… So apply this kind of willingness and watch what happens. Understand we go into hell in a less than a second and can stay there for a while before we get back all because we flip flop…

Have fun,



Awareness of flip-flopping

This is to be aware of the moment that we all have just before we react the wrong way… We all have to learn what the “juggernaut of self-will” feels like in order to stay away from it. When we desire to make life changes we must recognize that in order for a true change to take place self-will cannot be authorized any more. In order to redirect energy we have to learn to be able recognize the negative energy of self-will.  When we do this we are directed to pick up the key of willingness…

That means without hesitation we become aware of Self returning to our lives and then we offer our lives back to God or to the Universe of affirmation…  Meaning we convert everything into assets.

The first action we take is to start recognizing when we flip-flop in the moment were in… When were cruising along in our day and our lives and then we see something or we hear something or somebody does something we don’t like… BAM! There is that split second to feel the energy, that flash inside our gut and to react and take it all back. This is the moment of sink or swim… you don’t have long.  You either do what you always do or this time you stop. You don’t flip-flop… you hold for your God and the universe and do not yield to the negativity – and you do it without reluctance.

You, in this flash moment, trust in your God. That it is as it should be… “thy will not my will be done.” This is the practice of true willingness and when one is willing anything is possible… So think of all the areas of your life that will improve by practicing the art of willingness… Feel the energy of your Creator all around you in these moments. Reach out for your God as though the lights have just gone out and everything has gone completely dark… What do you do? You reach out and your God is there… This is the art of learning to not emotionally flip-flop…

Now you will show true independence from others and true dependence on your God… Practice throughout the day reaching out to your creator as though the lights have gone out and you will begin to know what true desire feels like in action… Learning how to build desire in action, which is willingness, creates the power to choose without doubt… When I learn to get back to God right now, over and over again then I start to also be able to make choices and not question my choice because of self-doubt that comes from continuing to act in self-will.  By staying with God or my creator I began to make choices with my Creator and when you make choices with God you need not question those choices…

When I include God in my choices I am always doing the best I can…

Have fun! It can be very comforting knowing that you can choose and not have to look back and wish you did something different…

Much Love



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  1. Laurel permalink
    February 18, 2012 2:36 pm

    I love this assignment. There are so many indicators that this is the struggle… between the old character and the new character I’m building with God. Right there in the first paragraph of Step 1 it tells me “every natural instinct cries out against the idea of personal powerlessness.” What I missed was that an idea is a perception, concept or opinion. My natural instincts are crying out against my own perception of what powerlessness means to me at any moment. You cut me off in traffic and my perception is that you have threatened my position. Without an act of Providence I can’t see that there is no personal threat to me. Really, it’s just asphalt! The flip-flop is me in the first paragraph of Step 2. I’m crying out again: you people have convinced me that I have warped thinking and that my life is unmanageable, and I’m reduced to “helplessness.” When I won’t or can’t believe or have no faith in Power Greater in any moment, the 12×12 gives me the image of being “over a barrel,” rocking back and forth. Wow, that is a strong one for me. Unable to move from my position, rocking back and forth endlessly. What gets me out of that is the willingness to reach out for something Greater than me to help me, and no longer am I helpless or powerless. I am limitless.

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