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TLC Assignment for April 2012 Learn Trauma Emotion and How to Disconnect From It

April 18, 2012

“The most common symptoms of emotional insecurity are worry, anger, self-pity, and depression.” (12×12 pg.52) 

1. Look for worry, the first of the four indicators of emotional insecurity.   See how worry manifests, go through it with God.  It’s all about Step 2 and false dependency.  Depression?  Who is telling you that?  Depression is self-authorized.  Learn to recognize worry and turn to God when things start to look less sparkly, instead of authorizing the progression toward anger, self-pity, and depression.  

Widen the hoop.  Your hoop is wider than others.  Realize other people are in a worse spot, and thank God that yours isn’t as tough as others.  You’re taking things too seriously.  For next 7 days apply this mantra daily “I can’t wait for the next great thing to happen”.  Ask God to show it to you, and help you be attuned to it.  Ask God to “bring something great into my life today”…and then keep looking for it.  Make a daily conscious effort to laugh; remind yourself to laugh.

“Provided you hold back nothing, your sense of relief will mount from minute to minute.  The dammed-up emotions of years break out of their confinement, and miraculously vanish as soon as they are exposed.”(12×12 pg. 62) “To those who have made progress in A.A., it amounts to a clear recognition of what and who we really are…”(12×12 pg. 58)  “No defect can be corrected unless we clearly see what it is.”(12×12 pg. 58) 

2.  Look for physical responses; take note of your body as it registers ill feelings, trauma, cell memory, energy, emotional hangovers, spiritual sluggishness.    Don’t delay emotional responses, expose the defects.  What and who are you?  You need to be aware of it, in a defect which is threatening an instinct, in order to have God remove it.   God is the only source that can remove the defect and quiet the instinct.  It’s a rhythmic balance of interchange that occurs by focusing on the spirit. 

Apply the principle of reconnection when you feel a disconnected sensation from God.  Use the principle of dependence on electricity as reconnection (12×12 pg. 36).  Feel that disconnect and remember this paragraph…reach for that switch, call for God.  Literally give yourself back to God.  Write about the situation when you felt the disconnect, and what followed after you went to God to reconnect.  That will be an application of spiritual principles applied to the mind and transformation of God.  

Apply the principle of disconnection when you feel a disconntected sensation from God…Don’t believe everything you think.  Discover when you find you want to disconnect from that lower voice.  You do want to hear that voice, because if you aren’t aware of it, it’ll get you.  Allow that voice to be, but treat it, and disconnect.  Know the thoughts and feelings, but just say “Thanks for sharing” and disconnect.  “Oh that’s that thing I do”…be objective.  Reaffirm you are connected to God.  Use the principle of dependence on electricity as reconnection (12×12 pg. 36).  Write about the lower voice, what it’s trying to tell you, and how you disconnect from it.  How do you reconnect to those Truths.  The Truth has continuity and makes sense; then we have a shift.  The best way to connect to the Truth is to hear ourselves say it.

“Lord, make me a channel of thy peace…”  (12×12 pg.99).

3.  Focus on the spirit:  Look for the God light in other peoples’ eyes; wordlessly in your mind.Call for the God light to cease confrontation when we see conflict.

The voice of isolation…

We all must learn to become aware of what this voice sounds like within us…

The voice of insecurity is the one that comes from all the injuries that we’ve taken in our lives. It’s a voice that only has the energy of Self in it… the injured self, the sensed self. It’s not the soul of our voice… but it sounds like a soulful voice.

It is a voice of insecurity that is created purely by our selves therefore the only power within it is our own Self, but it is the Self of us that is the most concerning… The Self of us that is full of doubt… the Self of us that has lived a life where things don’t work out… the Self of us, dependent on where we come from, that maybe was looked at like we were the bad person, or maybe we were looked at as though we were the person who didn’t consider other people, or the person who created trouble or started trouble or was always in trouble…

That voice that gets created from our injuries is the voice that we must learn to expose and become aware of… Of what it sounds like in us, in what ways does it come at us, what are the mechanisms that it uses to get to us and drive us. What fears does it strike… what is the typical pattern that it runs… Learning to recognize that voice… It’s a lonely voice, it’s a very lonely voice… That’s how we recognize it. The lonely voice within us… It’s a lonely voice that is soul-ly created by the pain of our lives. That voice does not come from our mother or father. It is built solely by our three-dimensional painful experiences. We are the only ones who can hear this voice. It is the voice of isolation.

What we need to do when we hear that voice is to integrate thoughts with our Creator that disengage us from that voice. We must distinctly recognize that voice. This comes right back to awareness… Once we build an awareness of what ever it is that we want to change…we heighten our awareness of it by focusing on it and then that awareness builds us to the point where we get choice…. Because within awareness is that Third Party Consciousness, and that’s the observer. We become the observer when we decide to create awareness of this kind of thinking… So, you become the observer to the emotionally insecure voice… That voice of insecurity that is within you.

You must become the observer… you must not be concerned that it is you… It is part of you but it is not you… In order to become aware of it we must be not be afraid that we can’t get away from it… We must develop a Third Party Consciousness to it which we ask God to do for us.

That Third Party Consciousness allows us to observe the emotional insecurity voice… the Dark Voice within us that works off of memories and prior experiences that have happened, and also works off of concerns for things unfolding in the wrong way… It is the voice of insecurity, the voice of doubt, the voice of breakage, the voice of destruction, the voice of isolation. The emotional insecurity voice of isolation… that is it: the voice of isolation within all of us.

That voice of isolation…we must become familiar with it. We must go towards it. We have been running from it all our lives… it’s the voice of self-doubt… The running from it gives us a concern inside that it will come true… So we run from it for fear that if we don’t, it will catch up with us and create that which we’re most afraid of. We must run towards it… We must expose it… We must dismantle that voice. We must be able to recognize that voice so that voice has no more power… We give it power by running from it… The voice of isolation, this voice that predicts doomsday, it’s always a voice that tells us that things are going to wrong… We want to immediately be able to recognize this voice when it comes up and go directly to God with it, sooner rather than later. What we do is just start talking to God about something good in our lives or a good memory like a beautiful sunset and ask God to connect the feeling of that moment to the moment you’re in, in order to make a conscious contact right now. As we make this conscious contact we ask God to disengage us from the voice of isolation, which is exactly what happens when you ask God to be with you.

The key in all of this is to take the power out of the voice by going towards it, not away from it… When you hear it laugh at it. When you hear it know that it is just the insecurity… it is not who you are… but it is in exposing it that you take the power out of it. We must expose our weaknesses to turn them into strengths. And to laugh at them at times… That’s what this message is about: About exposing our weaknesses to recognize what to do with them so that they become our strengths.

Laughter… And widening the hoop in your life…

Widen the hoop when you feel tight today… If you have a pressing problem or you get caught up in life.  Remember, you might be having a soul experience that your soul signed up for.  Meaning, we all have soul experiences but most times we don’t realize it until it has already happened, and then we look back and realize that we had a soul experience … We feel better about it because it was a lesson we needed to learn and we grow from…  But, while it was happening we were miserable and we fought and screamed, then we thought, “This is not fair I don’t need this.”

If we can, while we are in it, realize this is a soul experience we’re having because of the impact or intensity of emotions,then we can realize, “I am having a soul experience.” and look for the meaning and what we are supposed to learn from what ever is happening… Sometimes I capture a view of earth from space by the desire of widening the hoop, and look down from space and know that I have made my problems too constraining and I am locked up…When I have this image in my mind, I ask the question:  In the scope of this world, and this universe, how big are my problems relative to all that is out there?  The answer, of course, is not very big. Then I know I lost perspective.  So I realign my point of view and realize I am having a soul experience that I created long ago when I didn’t have a body… So I need to go through this… I set this experience up for my soul to grow.

In the scope of this world, and this universe, how big are my problems relative to all that is out there?

Make an effort to laugh today.  It is so important to laugh.  I used to wait to have a belly laugh, but in life I have realized that waiting to laugh can sometimes take a long time… I know I have said, and have heard many people say, after a good laugh, “Oh, myy God!  I haven’t laughed that hard in so long it felt great!”   So why wait?  I make a point of thinking throughout the day, “Today I want to laugh.”

Think of when you were a kid and you would fake a belly laugh really loud,  then you keep doing it and before long, within seconds, you would really start to have a belly-buster laugh… Try it in front of someone; start to laugh then add to the laugh – make it louder and louder and they will look at you and then they will chuckle… When they do, point at them and laugh even harder from the gut… Then they will start to giggle, and laugh harder until you get them belly busting…

Enjoy this application!  It is wonderful to make someone laugh and it will do you some good, too.

Much love,


This material is copyrighted and owned by Thought-Life Connection (TLC) and is not to be reproduced or used without the author’s consent. © 2012

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