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TLC Application VOCABULARY Find ‘Enjoyment’ in Your Life

April 19, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have learned so much about how important my vocabulary is to my life… Take for instance Fear or Afraid – I never authorize those terms any more. I use the term ‘I have a concern’ or ‘I am concerned about that’…  Just a simple vocabulary change like using the term concerned instead of fear… I have never had to feel fear again by my own hand and the freedom that has come with that is unbelievable…

Pleasure and Enjoyment have deep meaning for me too… All my life I thought the goal was to feel pleasure… But when you look at what pleasure is you might want to think about what you really want because the only things that please me have to do with my body sensing… Meaning things that please the body… Like it is a feeling of pleasure to eat food… But when I cook the meal I enjoy the event… It was a pleasure to drink booze then one day that changed and pleasure had become a bad habit…  I found that the idea of pleasure can be totally manipulated by mind and selfish behavior… But of the things that one enjoys this is not possible…

You see, to enjoy something there has to be a sense of accomplishment.  I can enjoy great company after an event, not before.  I can feel a sense of pleasure from the idea of getting together with someone special but I cannot know I enjoy them until after the planned goal of having a good time with them.  So, I do my best to give all I have to the time with them and when my goal is being achieved I feel enjoyment because the goal is being accomplished.  After I go away from them I am able to say I really enjoyed my time with that special person…

Think about this over the week and make a list of things you enjoy… Find out what they are… Look at them… In terms of the things you enjoy… You will find the common denominator to be a planned event with a goal of doing well that requires thought energy then action energy to do well…

Then make a list of the things you find pleasure in and you will know that it is far more rewarding to seek Enjoyment rather than Pleasure all the time… Because it is up to you to feel enjoyment about your goals which come from within….

Pleasure always happens from something outside of you… remember happiness comes from within not without…. Always seek to do the things you Enjoy…

Much Love


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