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TLC Application: Give The Pain to God… No need to wallow in our past

May 17, 2012

Last night at the TLC Workshop in North Hollywood we explored how we don’t need to live in the pain of our past anymore by inviting a Power Greater Than Any Human Power into that experience.  Thus making us an objective observer of our past and being able to learn from it rather than wallow in it.

Give the pain to God by feeling and expressing the pain to God.

Sometimes we get into a state where we’re in an immense amount of emotions because of the circumstance of our lives. What we must recognize is that our feelings must be honored but we don’t want to wallow in them. This presents a serious dichotomy (a separation into two divisions that differ widely from, or contradict each other).

The riddle is this: how it is that we allow ourselves to feel feelings that we need to process and express without falling into a hole of depression.

First things first, is to remember that emotions are equivalent to throwing a stone onto the surface of a still pond which creates wave troughs. Emotions are like waves… they do not last. They are most intense when they come on in a concentrated way… If you are ever feeling down and in the dumps when you go to bed that night, make a petition with all of your heart to your Creator to be reborn in the morning. For in principle, every night when you lay your body down for its nightly rest, you are completely unaware of your body while you sleep… therefore you are what we refer to as dead. For is not death a termination of your physical form… or the complete unawareness of your physical form… which is the exact process of what happens every night when you lay your body down to rest. When you wake each morning you are, in fact, reborn from nightly death. Therefore, it is your birthright to be reborn mentally, spiritually and emotionally each morning… claim it when you are in need of brand new perspective.

When you awake in the morning fully expect to be refreshed and reborn. Therefore, to fortify the petition your application is to stay away from the concerns that you had the day before, for whatever has happened to get you into the spot where you felt the need to be reborn had to come from your yesterdays… so stay away from pain memory for a while.

By making the claim, know that this is a new day and you wish to experience this day exactly as it is and that you will adhere to each moment… to see each moment… for exactly what it is… no reference to any yesterdays.

One of the principles that you can use to sustain this desire is to be as willing to listen as the dieing can be throughout the day. Say very few words when you need to recharge like this… try to speak as little as possible throughout the day… stay quiet by listening to everything that is happening around you. Even the noises throughout the day can bring you back into the present moment. A horn in the background of your environment… don’t just ignore it, listen to it. A truck making the back-up signal noise – you know, that beep beep beep? – conversations in your environment… just listen… without judgment just listen… hear the unheard of what is beyond what the people are saying around you. See if you can recognize what is going on in their life… in their conversation right now. Listen to their vocabulary… see if you can detect where it is coming from. These little details keep you in the moment you’re in.

Now, how to allow yourself to feel the appropriate feelings in regard to the pain you’re in: This is where you cry on God’s shoulder… you take this opportunity to articulate the pain that you’re feeling to God… like, “God I’m so scared and I know my fear is not normal and I can’t seem to do anything about it. God, I’ve felt so much pain in my life, sometimes I feel like that’s all I’ve every really truly experienced. I am coming to you now, God, to cry and share the pain that I’m in. God, sometimes I feel like I’m a victim. That I’ve gotten a lot of bad deals in life. God, sometimes I feel like nobody loves me. Sometimes I feel like my family broke me. Sometimes my pain gets so strong that I can’t seem to move. So, I am crying now to you, God, to allow this concentrated amount of feelings that are overwhelming me in my life right now to be fully expressed to you as I shed these tears of pain. I take this time with you to allow all of my sadness to be expressed and I ask for your embrace… for your comfort… and for your light to embrace me. And I ask you, God, to make me emotionally reborn as I shed these tears… knowing that I have made my full expression of all of the pain that I just don’t seem to understand… I ask for your help and I offer you my heart and soul. And I ask for you to help me cry in this moment knowing that you are embracing me.”

Much love,


This material is copyrighted and owned by Thought-Life Connection (TLC) and is not to be reproduced or used without the author’s consent. © 2012
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