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TLC App 11.05.2012: Finding Our Own Spiritual Awakening

November 15, 2012

November 5, 2012

 Finding Our Own Spiritual Awakening…

We must see how far we have grown on a regular basis, maybe even once a month, but at minimum every 90 days we should be doing an inventory on how far we have grown spiritually; and what a spiritual awakening is to us every 90 days. What that means changes all the time. What we’re looking for is when we’re able to think, do, and feel since we’ve had a spiritual awakening different than we used to think, do, and feel.  So, we’re looking for how we were able to think more concepts, think more peacefully, think more soundfully as a result of our spiritual awakening to define where we’re at spiritually.

Also we’re going to look at self love, we must connect with self love and that’s something we’re able to feel more than we ever were before. A sense of self identity, love, that’s part of that spiritual awakening. So, also in clarifying what we’re able to think, do, and feel I want to write down and be in touch with self love, how we’re able to love ourselves today more for who we are than we did yesterday; even though we should have loved ourselves just the same as we love ourselves today, we must learn from self-love. Self-love is what we’re able to think of something about ourselves, like we’re a good friend and then we would think who were we a good friend to, and then emotionally we would connect to the feeling of well being today because we are a good friend. It is not just a thought, we must connect to it emotionally; same with the think, do, and feel. Don’t just put a thought out there but connect to it on an emotional level.  Emotions are power. So, we must make sure to touch our spiritual awakening with our emotions because that’s the power that carries with us. It’s not just a thought, so much as you must connect to that feeling of self-love and connect to specific what we can do, think, and feel that we couldn’t do on our unaided strength before our spiritual awakening, before this new way of life.

So, enjoy the application, and remember self-love is something that we’re learning to do more and more every day, so it becomes a daily discipline; same as talking to God and asking God to be with us in our minds, in our thoughts, in our actions. Also applying that same principle of asking God to show us how to love ourselves, connect to the real feeling of love, not just think it or just say it, not just let it be nebulous; but actually connect to it more and more every day. Have fun with the spiritual awakening and recognizing of far you’ve come. It’s about taking care of ourselves today, it’s about feeling good about who we are today, while we continue to improve who we are; but we must have absolute reverence for who we are today and what we wish to become.

Much love,


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  1. Lori Thomas permalink
    November 16, 2012 10:44 am

    What is different in me now…as compared to say 1 year ago (I know KC you said evaluate every 90 days).. I see and feel things differently, I awake with the early morning and am more focused on my spiritual being. I approach my day with thoughtful reflection on what may I do to be in harmony with my God . I realize that I am a very wealthy individual with an abundance of love. I am kinder to myself. I am listening to my soul and paying attention to my body biorhythm. I am thankful and grateful for my personal growth. All is good.. today.

    • November 24, 2012 7:45 am

      I like what you said, especially about being good for today, as this is a just for today program. Talking to our own God and finding out daily what we can do for others is what the program is all about, to get out of ourselves and help someone else. I’m thankful you were able to comment on the application, and hope you can do it again:)

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