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God’s Will Is Our Will

December 1, 2012

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God’s Will Is Our Will

Humility is that God’s will and our will is one. We’re going to practice that this week as the application, as an affirmative application. We want to know that everything we have, everything we want, anything that comes to us in the form of a job, or a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, something in society; all those desires come from God, it’s part of who we are that makes us unique. But God gave us those desires, so they’re God’s desires also. So, when you want something, if you have a dream or an aspiration, or even a concept, don’t doubt whether you’re going to get it. Remember that you’re desire for that dream to be fulfilled is God’s desire for that dream to be fulfilled because God gave you that desire. That’s why something compelled itself to you, why you were drawn to it. If you feel something drawn to you, God’s given something unique inside each and every one of us. That’s what makes us unique is our own desires, so when we desire some sort of success or healing or event in our life, we must recognize that’s God’s desire, and if it’s not fulfilled; then, there’s a good reason it wasn’t fulfilled and ask God to reveal that reason for us. So, when we ask for anything we’re in alignment with God’s will, meaning that we don’t ask separate from ourselves, we’re asking in oneness with God, and we affirm that, I don’t ask God to do something like God is apart from me. I make an agreement with God and that’s a fulfillment of my desire. I desire it and know that desire is a part of God, and God will show me how to fulfill that desire, but I walk towards it as I’m one with God not separate from God. I don’t wonder if it’s happening or if it’s not happening, it for sure is happening; only thing I’m wondering is for instance like a loan and my loan is denied, I must recognize that in God’s will that loan would not have been good for me. We’re not disappointed because we find out that loan would have injured us rather than been beneficial to our life or to our business even though we think we can’t survive without it, it’s a lie.

So, we trust everything being of God, that’s the practice this week. Everything is of God, there is no separation between God’s will and my will. All this week I will see everything as being from God, and therefore good in everything; and as I ask for things I know that I’m asking in oneness. So, I’m going to practice my oneness this week consciously. If you feel apart from, it’s because your conscience contact needs to be improved. So, we’re improving our conscious contact, by affirming that we’re one with God in desire, we’re affirming our oneness. So, we build to the best of our day, by recognizing today, we’re going to make a conscious effort to always affirm I’m one with God in this moment by desire. I’m one with God in this moment by desire. Everything I desire is of God’s desire and shall come unto me, as God would desire it and as it would come unto God.

Ok, so it’s a oneness with God week,
Have fun,
Much love,


Holy Spiritual Retreat Center
ENCINO, CA. 91436
Map of 4316 Lanai Rd, Los Angeles, CA 91436
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  1. Lori Thomas permalink
    December 3, 2012 2:32 pm


    Even though I have not been at the Wed. workshop since Nov 7th (came to celebrate 2 glorious years, You were not there that evening), I would like you to know just how much I value your time and energy you put in..not only for our TLC Workshop, but for the Applications that you post.  I really believe that you are inspired by God to carry this message and I am forever grateful to you for being apart of my Life’s journey. Till I see you again.. always in my heart and soul..

    Much love to you my friend!



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