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Setting Up Goals

March 29, 2013


Why waste time looking at what other people are doing or not doing? Getting caught up in the wrongness of what they’re doing? Are they killing people, no, but are they kind of manipulating? We’re in business levels, and we’re looking at people and they’re just doing things that are just kind of lazy, or they’re not right or forthright, or they’re kind of withholding; you start to understand the politics of life. It’s more important what we look like on paper than it is about who we are or the character we are. That’s just a terrible thing for anybody to believe that’s goodness, that that’s a life worth living where it’s more important what we look like on paper than the character that we are. So, we live in a world that measures us on paper though, and when you become a good character you recognize the importance of having a stable life and being respectable on paper because you recognize it is important such as, your TRW, your license; these are all important privileges that we must keep in good shape or we lose privileges. There was a time in life that we didn’t care about that stuff, but as we grow older and we mature, we realize that’s not good character. So, as we get into life and business, and we become a good character we have to paint our dreams.

We have to know what our dreams and goals are, not on what’s wrong, not on what other people are doing wrong, and how they’re not living because that’s a waste of energy. Why do I waste my energy on what other people are doing wrong when that energy could be used towards what are my goals and how do I want to achieve them? If my goals are not important enough to write and see in print, then my goals are not important, and who am I? Then, how come I don’t have strong enough goals where I can’t grab a piece of paper and pencil and write them down, and see what they look like on a piece of paper. Are they realistic? Are they timely? Can I measure them?are they worthwhile, do they mean something to me, not just little stuff, but do they mean something to me? Not just anything either, my goals ave to mean something, but it’s got to be realistic. It’s got to have that passion of God understanding what realistic is and what worthwhile means. Our goals have to be something, not just I do something concrete in asphalt because that’s what I’m indicated to do; but, because maybe there is part of that reason to the next level. Not just mandated to do what I’ve always done, but what is my dream? Write it down to see what it looks like on a piece of paper. See if you can create a short-term, a mid-term, and a long-term; and find out what first action is in that short-term. What can I do now about it? What kind of results would I like to see after 30 days? Where am I going to be in 60 days or 90 days? That kind of measurement, where could I be? Maybe I’m just doing it right now, then 6 months, and next year, whatever it is write it down, and see what it looks like, and go for it, don’t hold back, give everything you’ve got to understanding it. You understand a way of life, and that discipline of learning a way of life indicates to you, you can learn anything, and do anything. That means you can put your goal down and make it happen and have fun, and create exactly the life you want.

Have fun,

Much love,


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