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Reaching Out For Help Before It’s Too Late

April 13, 2013

We all have our own holes that we can fall into, and as we’re falling into our holes that sense of fatigue starts to take over, we’re tired all the time, it’s a process of unfolding in a negative way; so, it’s really hard to become aware of when you fall into depression. You have to start looking for tell-tale signs and start looking for your own landmarks of when you know you’re starting to go the wrong direction about your own self and about your own characteristics, like maybe: all of a sudden you just stop talking to somebody, or you realize you don’t call friends anymore, you’re not smiling as much, and you’re having to sleep more, and you’re not going out at night, and you feel anti-social; these are some of the patterns and ominous signs that we have to become aware of so that we can reach out for help. There’s a point where you cross in depression, in sadness, where you just don’t reach out for help because you just don’t have that kind of energy, seemingly reaching out for help, you just don’t want to hear someone say, “rah, rah, rah, get up now, and pick yourself up;” so, you don’t even want to make the call, even though you know you need to, even though you should because you’re entering your hole. There’s a point where many people get caught up in isolation, in deep, deep depression that injures them on a real severe level that can be bypassed by awareness. Awareness of when that line is, and you create your awareness of when you cross that line into that state of depression where you feel you are beyond help, that nobody could help you, that you can’t reach out to anybody. That point is crossed by so many people that it’s not necessary.

Reach out to anybody, but find your landmarks of, “uh oh, I’m going into that hole.” So, if you’re in a big hole right now, get out of it, and when you get out of it remember how you got in it, so you can become aware of when you start to head down that path. Getting out of it, also remember that someday, you’re going to be out of your depression, someday it’s not going to be so bad, why not today, why wait? If that time is going to arrive where you’re going to want to be happy again, where you’re going to want to get up and get things done, and get going, and have energy in life, why not today? So make that decision. If you’re in a deep, deep hole, call someone. If you’re reading this and you realize I’m in that kind of hole, reach out to someone and talk about it, and remember that’s the way you get out. The liberation is in breaking the isolation. So, reach out to anybody and let them what’s going on with you, and it takes you out of your depression; and then, get into action. But the most important thing about this application is becoming aware of when we’re falling into that hole before we get too far into that hole, reach out for help. That’s why we need others, others need us. Other people need to know we have hard times also. We can’t be perfect all the time, so don’t let your ego get in the way either. Reach out before you fall into your place, know where that place is, self explore, and know “ok, when I start doing this behavior, I know I’m heading into that hole,” because there’s a point where you cross the line again where the point of return now is beyond human help. Sometimes, that can lead people into anti-depressants, going to doctors, doing things like that, and having to see a psychiatrist, staying in this state for years, it’s way longer than it needs to be. The reason people can stay in a state of depression for long periods of time is because they crossed the point of even being able to reach out for help, and even every once in a while if they get a little help, they can’t hear it because they feel as if they are so far down, there’s no connection.

So, this application is about learning to recognize that point before we get to that point. We all must know it can get worse. So, if you feel like you’re in a hole, I was talking to someone and they helped me to recognize, that you can get into this place and it’s so simple to break by remembering how many good things you have in your life. How do you get out of these holes? You have to remember the good things, only take note of the good things in your life. If you’re in a state of depression or sadness, just take this discipline and hear what I’m saying, write down all the stuff that’s good in your life, every day, all day; and think about it, make a conscious effort to think about the things that you do love about your life. The good things that are in your life and do that for one week; and watch at the end of the week if you don’t feel better, but no matter what your mind tells you, no matter how you think it’s not helping, just do it. Keep doing it, keep thinking only about the things you care about connect to it emotionally though, don’t just think about it, you have to connect to it with energy. Emotion is energy, so use your energy to connect to the good feelings in your life if you’re in a hole. This is the way out, and stay on this discipline for one week, don’t falter. You know you’re going to struggle, you know you’re not going to want to do it, just do it. On top of that, learn again how you got there, so before you get into that hole, you reach out for help. That’s this application.

Much love,


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  1. Lori Thomas permalink
    April 15, 2013 7:43 am

    I was blessed this morning by my “Higher Power” to have the opportunity to read this posting. KC you have such a way of writing out what is good for me to read/hear and apply. I am not in a hole (right now), I am not in self-pity (right now). But, I know that in order for me to stay out of negativity, fear, isolation and depression, I have had to learn to recognize the signs of me slipping into the abyss. For me one of the ways I do this, is just what you said, gratitude!
    I make a list each day of the things I am thankful for. Thank you again KC for being such a driving force of love, light and energy in my life as I trudge the road.

    Much love right back at You…

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