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Remembering Who We Are

April 18, 2013

Remembering who we are is so important. We get caught up in this world and we think who we are is our problems, and we forget all the things that balance our life and help us to see the world in a different light; but, most importantly we forget who we are. It’s really not that complicated to remember that we are all extensions of God. This is not a hard concept to own that I am, and we all are extensions of God within ourselves, and if we all are extensions of God, then we must ask that question, “what is God, what is the best description of God?” Love, certainly, is the fullest description that I know that defines or describes maybe what God is, that God is love. So if I am an extension of God, and God is love, then I am love. This is a great prayer. People pass these prayers on, and talk about their affirmations with God, and these are important things to remember when we get caught up. Who am I? Remember that yes, I am a human being in a three dimensional world having a physical experience, but who I really am is an extension of God. God is love, therefore, I am love, and I couldn’t say that enough, we couldn’t think that too many times in the day that we’re in; but, we can not think of it enough and we get caught up, and lost. We get caught up in this fast moving world of needing jobs, and getting jobs, and losing jobs, or meeting a mate, or having a relationship, or breaking up a relationship; and all these things we get caught up into that we forget why we’re here, or what we’re doing. It’s really easy to remember by going into that realm and realizing how we get into that realm.

One of the ways we get into that realm is we practice the presence of God by looking at beauty, and looking at nature, and looking at sunsets, and listening to a good piece of music, and reading a good piece of literature. We practice the presence of God because it inspires us, that’s touching the omnipresence of God. That’s the first stage of enlightenment. The second stage of enlightenment would be to have to start utilizing the omniscient mind of God, to align ourselves with the omniscient mind of God. The omniscient mind of God has to be an idea, and that’s where we start to enter the second stage. That’s what meditation is about or putting thought energy into something is about. Like take an idea by practicing the presence of God, let’s say you wanted to be an artist and you liked working with clay, so you want to make a vase. So you’re with God, and you’ve seen a beautiful sunset or felt some connection to nature, so in that feeling, and in that connection, and in that practice of the presence of your creator you quiet down, close your eyes, and you visualize a vase. That vase, that hasn’t been in this world yet, what do you see, is it round, is it square, does it have a spout, does it have a handle? What color is that vase? So you’re making it out of clay, so you’re molding it, is it going to have texture or is it going to be painted? What’s going to be in that vase? As we describe these kinds of words and ideas, you can get an image of a vase in your mind. Now you’ve entered into the idea realm. That image of the vase that you have in your mind that I’m talking to you about is different than the image of the vase in my mind, because it’s your image, and it can only come from you. If you look at that image with beauty, and if you look at that image with God, and try to think about what would it look like to really give you the same feeling you got when you were looking at that beautiful sunset; and you start to see patterns on that vase, and you start to see plants in that vase. As you start to see that, we’re talking about the idea world. The idea world is where we touch the omniscient mind of God because through practicing that presence we desire to make a beautiful vase, and in desiring to make a beautiful vase we enter the idea world. In the idea world, God gives us an image of a vase, and we know we’ve found it when the vase in our mind is beautiful and it just sings to us, and we realize, “oh my god, that’s a beautiful image that I see, I must create that.” Now we enter the third stage of enlightenment, that we all go through and that’s the omnipotence.

We practice the omnipotence of God by using our body. By our minds telling our body to mold that clay into the vase that we saw in the omniscient mind of God that made us feel beauty because we are practicing the presence of God. As we grab that clay and we go to the store, and pick up our clay, we do it with passion because we know what we’re going to create. And now that passion becomes power, and that is aligning ourselves with the omnipotence of God. So, we get our clay, and we choose our colors, get our tools and supplies that’s going to create that beautiful vase that we saw. As we do all these things, we do it with passion and with love. We don’t think about the bills, we don’t think about relationships, we don’t think about what we look like because we’re going to create something from our heart. So when we go to that store, we’re not wondering if we’re going to have a relationship there, where the bills are, or where the worries are. We’re going to create a vase that came to us through an image. So, as we go to that store, and we pick up those supplies, and we go home we’re more excited, and we can’t wait to break out those supplies, and begin to see more of that molding. So, what we do is we take that lump of clay, and we take those squares, and we mold them up, and we turn them into a beginning image of a vase. That beginning image of the vase now represents the omnipotence of God. Now we’ve gone through three stages of enlightenment that any human being can go through, and this is remembering who we are, and remembering to do what we want to do by remembering how to get where we want to get to. Where we all want to get to is to the point in our lives where we do everything we do with passion, and that we are that expression of love. That we recognize, as an extension of God, then we are God, and as a being of God, that we go through stages that are presented to us of how to create anything we want to create. Instead of the vase, let it be a relationship. Maybe you do some reading and find some good material, and find some people that have good relationships, and you touch the presence of that positive energy between those two mates. Then, in touching presence of the positive energy between those two mates, you collect information, then you start to feel like what it would feel like for you to interact with somebody in that high manner; in that high frequency of love that is kind and caring, and that relationship that you dream of. Then you walk in this world and you take care of your body, you groom yourself to the best you can, so you can look as good as you can look, and you try to attract that energy in; that person who you’re looking for.

This is part of the creative process that we all go through. Breaking it down and recognizing it helps us to remember who we are, and also how to achieve what we want to achieve. So, have fun remembering who you are and where you come from, and remember you are all an extension of God and God is love; therefore, we are love and we must feel that love within ourselves as much as we can.

Have fun,
Much love,



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