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Emotional Insecurity

April 27, 2013


Emotional Insecurity

We’re looking at the four elements of the instincts, not just three. There’s sex, security, and society, but within security is material security and emotional security; which we’ve talked about before in application. We have to consider both of these instincts and how they operate, but more on the level of emotional insecurity, which seems to bring all three together. The feeling of all three together seem to have the mainline of connecting and the hub represents our emotions. I’ve never, to this day, seen how to emotionally nurture ourselves, but what I have seen in print is that, in order to avoid the loophole or the pit of falling into emotional erraticism where we display erratic behaviors, or we’re all over the place; and we’re acting in disturbance, and we can’t control ourselves, we know we’re in disturbance. But because the erratic emotions have been authorized, even though we’re not conscious of that authorization, we find ourselves completely emotionally out of control, and thus we end up with an emotional hang-over. In application, in the spiritual world that is the result of blame. Somewhere in our thought and our speech, we justify wrong behaviors or erratic emotions because we blame somebody or someone else for the cause of it. Bottom line is in a spiritual world, we remove blame from our speech and our thought.

So, on an emotional level if we’re removing blame from our speech and our thought, we take responsibility for our own emotions and staying level with our creator. At the same token, we must invest an immense amount of energy into emotional security. We do this by an asset list, but we never talk about how much or why it’s so important because of what it creates in that emotional security. This needs to be discussed further, which is what this application is about. Take in the word like worry, which is the first premise in emotional insecurity, we begin to worry. Look at the state of worry and how much it infects our life, and it affects us on all the things that we do. Worry, in turn, creates stress, anxiety, disorders, worrying in a long state causes self-pity and depression, and an immense amount of anger. So we’re recognizing worry as being a deadly, deadly attribute. As it is a deadly attribute, we have to take worry, counter it, and find an opposite realm for it. The opposite of worry is belief, confidence, reassurance, reassured, complacent, content; and, these are all indicators of belief instead of worry. The same token, we also look at anger. We know the opposite of anger is to be at peace and to be calm. These are all the reverse side of emotional insecurity.

So, what we’re going to do is to take the principles of emotional insecurity and find their counterparts, and in their counterparts come to an absolute application, not just a recognition, but an application. If we were to recognize, for example how much we worry. We could take that measurement of worry that we’ve let occupy our lives, or even over a day, or a week, or whenever you’re in a bad place; and, realize what it would take to counter that with belief, with confidence, and I like the opposite side of worry, credits and debits. I must find a measuring system and look inside to see what my emotional state is and if I recognize some insecurity, then I want to feed those mechanisms to get some emotional security going. So, I’m going to go into a credit list which starts to eliminate worry, and just as much as we do an inventory on how we’ve hurt people, or how certain situations have changed or altered our life forever. We also must find as we move on in the progress of recovery, we must take our good qualities and do a moral inventory on them, expound on the credits that have come from them; and the searching, and the good relationships that we’ve had, and the good financial decisions that we’ve made. In terms of, if we’re in worry about our finances, and if we’re concerned about not having a relationship, we must look at the good attributes of what we’re capable today to have a relationship.

These are the kinds of things that bring that emotional security, and when you have that emotional security you radiate a certain countenance and energy that people want to be a part of; they want to be secure like you are. So, the way this is done is not by waiting for it. It certainly comes in life, as you live, and as you make a “fearless, and searching moral inventory of yourself,” and you see where you’ve gone wrong; and you see where you’ve made the wrong directions, or turns in your life, and you try to correct those those, and make the right turns. With that comes a sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-responsibility, and self determination to change for the better. Also with that comes a track record, that you can count on in the midst of your recovery to do another inventory; and instead of it being an inventory of what’s wrong, it’s an inventory of what’s right, what things have gone right, and what things I’ve done right. No matter what area in your life might be affected, sex, security, or society. Whatever area it is, you want to do an inventory on the opposite realm. In other words, if we’re in financial distress, we want to do an inventory on how we’ve been financially manageable in the last year of our life, or in the recent time in our life, or in our last business endeavors, or how we’ve changed that; not how we’re concerned we’re going to end up on the street again.

So, these are the kinds of applications that I’m looking to do for my life, so that I can start to live with emotional security, striving for the supreme goal of walking in this world emotionally secure everywhere I go, which I believe all of us can have if we can start to recognize the importance of doing these assets, and debits; or the polar opposites of emotional insecurity to create some emotional security. We will expound further on this application, but this is the beginning of an application of finding the resource of emotional security.

Have fun,
Much love,

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