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False Expectations

May 19, 2013

Goldfish Looking at Each Other

What are false expectations that can’t be seen? That’s why we call them false expectations because they’re not real, because we don’t even know where they’re coming from. What we do is we get an idea in our mind about a framework of how an event or a situation, or a gathering should go, and we get out into social settings, and we wonder (this is the Social Instinct) How does it work? Or we get out into these social settings and we think of how these social settings should go based on where we’re coming from; and we’re thinking where we’re coming from is where everybody should be coming from because where we’re coming from is that spiritual place. That’s when spiritual pride comes in, and it does it in meetings, it does it in events, it does it especially when it’s designed around the premise of a spiritual gathering or movement. Then, suddenly, we get our spiritual, single eye on that tells us exactly how that experience should be, and we judge it; and we set it up for failure.

Rather than doing the spiritual thing is to align ourselves with it no matter what. If we’re choosing to have a deep, spiritual experience on a gathering or any event, then it isn’t the event that’s obligated, it’s us. We’ve obligated ourselves to have that spiritual experience. So, when we do this we have to throw ourselves at that spiritual experience, not let our minds take over and say this isn’t going the way it should go, so I’m not enjoying myself and this is not a good experience; and this is a waste of time for me. Now, suddenly my ego comes in and says, I don’t have time to waste. Then I have to look at how many times I’ve been in social settings, or social gatherings, or in terms of friendships or relationships where it wasn’t right, it wasn’t comfortable, it wasn’t good; and how many times have I been where it was right, it was comfortable, it was good.

I realize I have to quit judging everything, and I’m the one whose supposed to have the spiritual experience. If I want deep spiritual connection in any situation, then it should be up to me to meet that deep, spiritual connection, and find that deep spiritual connection inside of me; and connect that spiritual connection to that situation I’ve chosen to have it with, and then I have it. It can come in the most unexpected ways, but the central driving mechanism is that core inside of me , demanding, but knowing that I’m going to have a deep spiritual experience. It isn’t about framing that experience anymore, it’s about getting myself in that deep spiritual place, so that I can have that deep, spiritual experience because it’s always there. Isn’t it?

So, that’s how we get rid of false expectations because that deep, spiritual experience is there everywhere. God is everywhere, and we forget that sometimes, then we get ideas but it’s okay because we get back into it and we realize that’s the deep spiritual experience.


Have fun
Much love,

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